It’s Day 3 of the Big Finish Challenge.

Morning PracticeI was up early this morning and settled into my morning practice. Two feelings were present. First, I’m grateful for the energy surrounding this challenge. You are an amazing group of positive people up to important things. Second, I appreciate that in taking you all on this journey, I am being called to walk my talk as well. That’s always a good thing. ;0)

I’ve used the vision crafting process since we started our first business in 1987 and am always blown away at the power of this process.  The practice of putting on paper, what you want to manifest in your life, is not only bad-ass, it also makes the likelihood of achieving it more likely. At the same time this process can conjure up some pretty interesting inner game stuff.

How about you? What’s coming up as you stake your claim for what you want to accomplish these next three months? In service to you and your process, I thought I would share what’s coming up for me.

The Bigger The Vision, The Bigger The Stuff

You see, my team and I have set some audacious goals for these next three months. Goals, many might say are impossible to hit in such a short time. So yesterday, as I worked on the vision, I found myself dancing with some pretty interesting emotions and AHAs.

Key components of our Quarter 4 (Q4) vision…

  1. Deliver huge value and expand our tribe through the Big Finish Challenge
  2. Have a massively successful launch of Smart Biz Quiz (the new 3.0 version of our assessment software)
  3. Kick off our next Platinum Mastermind group who are shooting for six figures in six months
  4. Continue to provide exemplary service to my amazing Diamond Mastermind clients

Granted I’ve got a team to help and we’ve laid the foundation over the past 9 months, it’s still a pretty daunting list of goals nonetheless. “Welcome to the speed of Jane,” my team would tell you.  ;0)

As I sat with all I wanted to accomplish these next three months, I wondered how we would get it all done in such a short time. I also wondered whether I had the ability to lead the team to get it all done.

Knowing that ACTION is the elixir to fear, doubt and worry, I took two important steps.

First, I pulled out my “Seven Questions for Conscious Decision Making” that I share below. This powerful tool has served me and my clients for years. Second, I sent a text to John asking for a quick laser coaching session where we could unpack what was coming up.

The Art of Making Conscious Choices

Deciding what goes into your Q4 vision is an important step on your Big Finish journey. I imagine, like me, you want to push yourself to achieve something big, but don’t want to kill yourself in the process or set yourself up for a huge disappointment.

All my life, I have been naturally wired (OK, kind of addicted) to going for really big goals.  I love that about me as it creates this beautiful life we have. But I’ve also learned that, if gone unchecked, this tendency can wreak havoc in my health, personal life and relationships. So to help me make mindful decisions I’ve developed a series of questions to ask when deciding what goals and projects I want to put in my vision. Here they are…

  1. Does it feel fun to me?
  2. Does it give me an opportunity to grow?
  3. It is aligned with my core values?
  4. Will it move me toward my vision?
  5. Is the energy around it expansive or constrictive?
  6. Is the opportunity cost worth the likely gain?
  7. Do I have the capacity to execute this without depleting my spirit?

After taking each of my four Q4 goals through this series of questions I ask myself, “On a scale of 1 to 10, is this a project/goal I want to take on?  Goals that feel like a 10 are an immediate “hell yes.” Goals that feel like a 7 or lower are a “hell no.” But those that lie somewhere between 7 and 9 beg further reflection. For these I ask… “So what would it take to make this a 10?”

Standing for Me, So I can Stand for the Vision

As I ran my four goals through the seven question process, I had my big AHA. For each project I got a resounding “hell yes” to questions 1 through 6. I even got a strong “YES” to question 7 for all but one. It was the launch of Smart Biz Quiz – that caused me to pause when asked, “Do I have the capacity?”

That was it. While every project we are taking on is perfectly aligned with what we want to create… secret concerns about my capacity lurk beneath the surface.

So I hopped on my call with John, unpacked my concerns and we devised an inner-game plan.  Strategies like leading my team more effectively, saying no to new projects and outsourcing some of the work were on the list. But more importantly, I committed to taking care of me. Things like getting to the gym daily, a weekly massage, hikes with Mario, dinner with girlfriends and weekly date nights – these are my strategies for staying sane, increasing my capacity and enjoying the ride.

How about you my Big Finish Friend? What’s coming up for you as you put the final touches on your Q4 vision? Whatever it is… we are here to help. A great place to start is with the 7 Questions for Conscious Decision Making. You will love what it reveals.

Once you do, please hop over to the Facebook group and share an AHA, pose a question or celebrate an empowered decision. You’ll be so glad you did!

Much Love, Jane

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