Spiritual_EnergyCongratulations Big Finishers! In your first week of the challenge, we called upon you to write out your vision for the next 90 days. We explored the inner game dance between Big self and Little self, and I shared my time-tested, Vision Scanning Exercise for turning your vision into a plan.  Now it’s time to accelerate your progress by harnessing the power of planning.

Don’t go A-wall on me now that I mentioned the “P” word. If there is one thing I’ve learned from growing seven businesses over these past 30 years, is that while having a clear, compelling vision is essential to our success, nothing will ever come from it unless we chart a path to make it happen.

From my first business start-up in 1987 to our newest company that we’re launching in November, I embrace planning on two levels.

Macro planning is the big picture plan – the long term track you will run on over the next year or so.  For me (and my clients) it takes the form of something we call a Phase-Based Plan that outlines the projects, benchmarks and milestones we want to achieve in each quarter of the coming year. What’s powerful about having a Phase-Based Plan is that it allows you to hold a bigger vision, be inspired by what’s possible and stay focused on the present rather than about what’s down the road. A Phase-Based Plan is especially useful for those who are subject to the “shiny object syndrome” or have trouble staying focused or following through.

Micro planning is the opposite. It’s a short term, narrowly focused plan for completing one key project for the quarter you are in. While it may sound like “project management,” I prefer to think of a micro plan as “Mini-Manifestations” that move me closer to my goal.

So, today we’re going to work on both – your macro plan for the next 90 Days and your micro plan for these next few weeks, to give you a renewed sense of clarity, calm and control.  But before we begin – we need to call upon the part of you that understands the importance of planning and already knows what steps you need to take to go from concept to the completion of any projects. We need to activate your internal GPS that intuitively knows how to get from A to B. We call that part of you your “Inner Strategist.”

When you awaken your inner Strategist you activate your ability to…

  • Identify the most important projects that will bring the vision into reality
  • See what smaller steps need to be taken on each of your priority projects
  • Remain confident in your ability to show up powerfully for each task
  • Keep overwhelm at bay, knowing all things will be accomplished in their right time
  • Supercharge your personal effectiveness, enabling you to get more done in less time

So with the your Inner Strategist at your side, take the following steps to turn your vision into a kick-ass, plan that will enable you to achieve more in this final quarter than you ever imagined possible.

Step 1: Grab your written vision and scan it once more, highlighting the projects, benchmarks and milestones you want to complete in this final stretch of 2016. Then, in a separate document, list all the highlighted items into what now becomes your Master List of projects for these next 90 Days.

Step 2: Pull out your 7 questions for Mindful Decision Making that we introduced on Day 3 and double check to make sure the projects you’ve listed are aligned with what you want for this final stretch of 2016.

  1. Does it feel fun to me?
  2. Does it give me an opportunity to grow?
  3. It is aligned with your core values?
  4. Will it move me toward my vision?
  5. Is the energy around it expansive or constrictive?
  6. Is the opportunity cost worth the likely gain?
  7. Do I have the capacity to execute this without depleting my spirit?

Step 3: Place an A, B or C next to each item based on the following criteria.

  • Place an “A” next to the foundational projects that need to be complete fairly soon so other projects can be completed later in the year. These are the projects that will go into the first quarter of next year.
  • Place a “B” next to mid-range projects that need to be completed after the foundational projects are complete.
  • Place a “C” next to longer-range “nice to have” projects that would be great to complete but not essential to you closing out the year with a bang.

Step 4: Pull a project that is your top priority – the non-negotiable win that you are committed to achieve.

Step 5: Complete the Project Manifestation Worksheet for this key project, filling in each section as best you can. The important thing here is not that you get it right – but that get out of your head and onto paper what needs to happen to bring this goal to fruition. ;0)

Don’t Miss This Powerful Step!

What I love most about taking this step with my private coaching clients is the sense of clarity it creates for them.  No longer will you feel like everything has to be done right away. Instead, you can look to the months ahead with a sense of ease and control and then harness the power of focus.

You can do this!

Much Love, Jane

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