“Get it out of my head and onto paper.”

“Get it out of my head and onto paper.”

“Get it out of my head and onto paper.”

I like to think about stuff. I like the act of reflecting, I like to mull things over, pondering a move or an action before taking it has always worked well for me.

Our mind is an amazing thing, perfect for these kinds of actions, the ideal incubator for creativity.

But there is a shadier side to all this thinking, mulling and pondering. You see… great ideas can get trapped up there, never seeing the light of day. Dreams, weighed down by the machinations of the mind, never take flight into the world they’re meant to change. Cool visions and transformational concepts rattle around in that noggin of ours getting tangled up in a briar patch of “I’m-so-busies,” “but-I-don’t-know-how’s” and “maybe-next-year’s.”

Often times, the things that matter most to us are kept locked away for no other reason than we’re too busy, too afraid or believe too much in our past failures and not enough in what those beautiful failures have taught us.

But here in the Big Finish Challenge, that’s not what we’re about. We’re about bringing visions and ideas – no matter how big or small, how personal or “out there” – into the world. And we know the best way to do this is to move that vision from your heart into your head and then out onto paper where it can begin to take shape. That’s why we say, “Get it out of your head and onto paper.”

We believe that the vision always happens twice.

It happens first in your heart and mind and then it happens in the 3-dimensional world in which we all live.

When we put our visions and ideas on paper, then begin to move them into a plan, it’s like taking a hunk of clay and beginning to work with it. Just like with the clay, as you work with your vision, you breathe life into it… out of nothing, something starts to take shape.

Every vision has to go through this stage. It has to come out and meet the causes and conditions of the world. And just like the potter or sculptor, you work your vision with a sense of artistry and craftsmanship. You experiment. You try different things. You start over when you need to.

Proclaiming your vision and creating a plan for it is an act of bravery because it says, “This matters. I matter.” Putting aside the time and taking the necessary steps to plan how you will manifest your vision is the sacred contract you hold with your vision.

But even with all this, things can get in the way. We can get stuck. Not getting into action is the number one killer of dreams.

Fear can stop us. Beliefs about our capability can stop us. Overwhelm can stop us. Don’t let them. Learn to identify these showstoppers and then apply the same mantra, “Get it out of my head and onto paper.”

Name your fears. Identify your beliefs. Look into your overwhelm and see what it needs from you.

Whenever I begin something new, something that has me feeling small or fearful or incapable, I make it my practice to pull out a notebook and write that shit down!

I put my fears on paper. Fears don’t belong in my heart and mind they belong on paper where I can see them. Where I don’t want them is roaming the halls of my mind where they can haunt me. I want them out in plain sight where I can – if I need to – unpack them, understand them or create a plan around them.

Same thing with small, limiting beliefs – small beliefs, which are just fears in disguise, get the same treatment. They get put on paper. Sometimes all I have to do is write them down and immediately they evaporate leaving space for what’s really true about me.

And overwhelm? Overwhelm is like a logjam on a river. It can block flow and stagnate energy. But when I explore it by writing about it, I almost always can find a way through, figure out the next step or simply release the tension that comes from taking on something bigger than me.

In the end, when I work with my fears, small beliefs and overwhelm, something beautiful happens. All that shit, becomes the fertilizer for my dreams and visions. When I have the patience and courage to look at what stops me, when, with curiosity, I try to understand it, all that stuff gets alchemized into exactly what I need to grow and step into the bigness of my vision.

Yup…it all starts with the willingness to move whatever it is; a long held dream, a nagging fear or a life changing vision out of your beautiful mind and onto paper. That simple act changes everything. Because it’s out here in the light of day that the real miracles can begin to happen.

Prepare to be dazzled.

Happy living, JohnnyD

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