Green Business StrategyI received an email yesterday from one of our Big Finish participants that stopped me in my tracks.

Not only was I struck by his willingness to be honest about where he is with his business, he had also stumbled upon something I think many of you may be feeling as you take steps to turn your vision for these next 90 days into a plan you can execute.

Here’s an excerpt from what he shared…

“While am feeling good about the goals I’ve committed to for these next 3 months, I have to share that my Inner Critic is raging. Not so much about not being able to achieve my goals.  My big “yeah but” is about what’s going to happen after this.  For years, I’ve been spinning my wheels. I’ve invested a lot, tried a lot and worked hard and not seeing the results I expected. While this challenge has helped me to get clear, be deliberate and stay focused, my fear is that it won’t last and that I will continue to flounder all next year. That can’t happen – so what do you suggest?”

It’s a funny thing about going for a big, juicy goal and stepping up your game. Playing big, being more intentional and working smarter feels really good.  Then, without warning, the inner game stuff creeps in and we begin to worry – will I fall into old patterns.

I get it! The dance between “I’m invincible” and “I suck” is interesting, isn’t it? In fact, I’ve danced this dance continually over these 30 years of business-building and I have good news!

First, I’ve aligned myself with a kick-ass coach who has equipped me with tools for navigating this dance (Thank you Johnny D!)

Second, I have lived by a mantra I coined way back in 2009 when I launched my first client mastermind for small business entrepreneurs and that is… “When your inner game gets wobbly, lean into strategy!

Here’s what I know for sure. No matter how long you’ve been on this entrepreneurial path and what level of success you are having, one thing you’ve got to do is to stay in action.  You’ve got to keep stepping up, be willing to try new things and continually nudge yourself outside your comfort zone to make things happen.  You just have to keep on keeping on!

The problem many entrepreneurs have (and perhaps you), is that the efforts you put forth to grow your business may not be generating the results you wanted. This isn’t because you aren’t smart enough, good enough or determined enough.

What is likely at the heart of the problem is this… the lack of a proven, long-term strategy that tells you exactly what to do at each step of your journey so you are always “doing the right thing at the right time so no energy, money or effort is wasted”.

Wait… read that again and let it sink in. 

It’s not rocket science, right? “Simply do the right thing at the right time so you build a strong foundation, put the pieces in place and then crank the money wheel to create a consistent stream of income.

Hold up though! In this day and age, when our inboxes are flooded with business-growth strategies promising to be the end all, be all solution – what’s an entrepreneur to do?

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been at this for 30 years or gone through the business start-up process 7 times… but I am a huge believer that there is a science to success in business – a path we all must take. Take a ton of short cuts and you may experience a win here or there, but you will not have a sustainable business that provides you with a consistent flow of income and the freedom you are wanting.

There… that’s my soap box moment!  Your smartest path to growing an incredibly successful business that you love and that provides you with the lifestyle you want can’t be built with a strategy here, a campaign there and a hodgepodge of last minute runs.

So what is the answer? That’s the question I’ve been playing with for three decades. The longer I am at it and the more people I help, the simpler (notice I didn’t say easy) I see that it is.

For the past two years, my team and I have distilled this crazy ride of entrepreneurship into a series of six essential steps, that when achieved over a period of time, in this order, makes for a sustainable business that is highly leveraged and incredibly profitable.  We call it the Master Path and it is the path we walk with each of our private coaching clients through.

Six steps to a highly leveraged and incredibly profitable business:

  1. Clarify your Mission, Market, Message and Money Model
  2. Create Your Private Client Attraction System
  3. Design Your Curriculum Cash Machine
  4. Master The Lucrative Launch
  5. Amplify Your Marketing Mojo
  6. Build A Rock Star Team

So my question to the gentleman who emailed me and to you, dear reader, is do you have a solid proven plan for growing your business over the next year?

John and I will give you all we can in this 30 Day challenge to equip you to rock these last three months with the intent to shift your entrepreneurial DNA so you see and grow your business in a more powerful way. But, we also want you to know that we can be here for you in an even bigger way.  Because the truth is, you don’t need to do it alone.  You need a team that can support you in both the tactical game of growing your business as well as the inner game.

So keep rocking your Big Finish goals and know that just around the bend, there is an amazing support team and a proven path for you to run on to have the business you have always wanted.

If I’ve sparked an interest… let’s talk! To schedule a call, all we ask is that you take a few minutes to complete the Quick Biz Quiz. This will ensure we hook you up with the Business Acceleration Coach that is just right for where you are in business.  There’s no fee, no pressure, just a super fun opportunity to discover where you are on your path and design your path to the business you know you can have.

Much Love, Jane

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