seek-truthIt’s early Thursday morning and you are on my mind, dear Big Finish friend.

I was greeted this morning by a handful of emails, texts and private messages from some of you who wanted to share how this challenge is impacting you. You are making new discoveries, letting go of limiting beliefs, adopting new rituals, being more productive and it seems… feeling better about yourself and how you are showing up in life and business. That makes me (and John) smile. 🙂

The Common Bond You Share

At the same time, you are sharing your stories and I am touched as I notice the common bond you all share…

  • You want so badly to experience greater success… more money, more ease, and more fun.
  • You are giving it your all; working incredibly hard and taking courageous and imperfect action.
  • You are bumping up against feelings of fear, doubt and overwhelm, but you keep going anyway.
  • You have moments when you wonder if you are on the right track and doing the right things.
  • You are worried that your dream will never become your reality.

In truth, I am incredibly impressed by you. Your courage and commitment blow me away and it inspires me to want to give you the “secret sauce” to achieving success in business. But what can I share? How do you distill three decades into a single bit of advice that can ease your stress and give you the direction you need?

Searching For What You Need

So, as I often do, I wrote at the top of a page in my journal this morning… “What do they need to know?”

Next, I simply listened for the answer to arise. “They need to know the truth,” is what I wrote.

tony robbinsThis was interesting because recently a client sent me a YouTube video by Tony Robbins. In it, he shared three mandates of success, the first of which is… Tell The Truth. She sent it because one of our mantras here at Global Experts Accelerator is “Awareness is the first step to change.” What Tony talked about is that you can’t change any aspect of your life or business without first being willing to get honest about where you are.

And so it seems, I am meant to write to you today about the importance of telling the truth and with that, invite you to take an honest look at how you are doing in business. I’m inviting you to get honest about what’s happening with your sales, how your marketing efforts are going, whether your products and programs are where they need to be and whether you are shooting from the hip or strategically working toward your goals.

I know… looking at our lives and being willing to see what’s not working in our business is not always fun.  But if you knew in your heart that “telling the truth” is the gateway you must pass through in order to get to where you want to go, would you be willing to go there with me?

If you knew that discovering where you are on track and where you are off, would provide you with greater clarity, definitive direction and enable you to be more efficient, productive and effective… would you go there with me?

An Invitation To Discover The Truth

generalIt just so happens, the “telling the truth” thing is a huge part of our culture and how we do business.  So much so, I’ve actually designed a process that in just 4 minutes, will tell us all we need to know about where you are in your business today. It’s a powerful truth teller that is not only painless to take, but also pretty fun. We call it the Quick Biz Quiz and you can access it here.

On the quiz, you will find five realms of business, each of which is essential to your success. To complete the quiz, simply assess yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 for each of the statements listed. A low score would be given to those areas you’ve not yet addressed and a high score would be given to those areas you’ve nailed. It’s that simple.

Once you’ve taken the quiz, you’ll receive an email with your quiz results and be queued up to receive my free training that will arrive in your inbox tomorrow morning.  In the training you and I will make sense of your quiz results and uncover your “next best move” in order to create a breakthrough in your business – no matter where you are today.

Much Love, Jane