volumeOne of the things I love about owning my business is that each day brings a myriad of opportunities to tap into different aspects of my gifts and strengths. But let’s face it, it can also be a lot! On a daily – even hourly – basis we are required to shift gears and perform tasks that are as varied as the items on our “to do” list. It’s an element of entrepreneurship that can send some into overwhelm or others to the sofa in an effort to shut out the countless demands of business ownership.

So back in 2010, after a year of playing with the concept of archetypes in my personal coaching with John, I began to look at my role as an entrepreneur from a new perspective.  What I noticed is that throughout the day, there were a number of roles I needed to step into depending on what was on my calendar.  In the stretch of a few hours I might be called upon to coach a client, close a sale, strategize with a team member or decide on a budget for an upcoming campaign.  What I needed was a way to consciously move from role to role so that I could be present to what was needed and access that part of my genius to step powerfully into that role.

What resulted was the Seven Entrepreneurial Archetypes you’ll see below. Each represents a role we need to step into to navigate our days and turn our vision into a reality. Think of them as a cast of characters, standing by to step in and kick ass when needed. Each morning as you look to what’s on your calendar, you’ll look to see which archetypes you’ll invite into your day to access your entrepreneurial genius. It’s fun, super simple and incredibly powerful. ;0)

While you’ll meet each archetype below, I want to take it one step further… for the next seven days I want to invite you on a journey where each morning, you’ll receive a short video from me, inviting you to step powerfully into one of the seven archetypes. Imagine… in just 10 minutes you and I will access an aspect of your entrepreneurial genius so you can show up as the best possible version of YOU, you can be.

Meet Your Entrepreneurial Archetypes…

  1. The Visionary is the Dreamer with their eye on the future and their feet firmly planted on the ground. When we step into the role of Visionary, we stand in possibility and see trends and opportunities that the other parts of us can’t see. It’s also the Visionary that inspires others, stimulates collaboration and ultimately understands that the vision only happens when the right team is aligned.
  2. The Strategist is practical, patient, linear in thought and willing to take time now to get the plan right. The Strategist designs her plan around a core, sound strategy and views spreadsheets and objectives as her best tools for manifesting results. While she understands that her plan is based on a series of best guesses, she is always gathering information that will enhance the execution of the plan.  The Strategist’s work reduces confusion, calms chaos and provides clear concise next steps when overwhelm sets in.
  3. The Evangelist is the rainmaker. She creates results by taking action and rallying herself and the tribe around a powerful cause that is valued and supported by all. In her zest for what the company stands for, the Evangelist inspires team members, wows colleagues, courts prospects and enrolls clients to exchange their valuable resources for what she offers. The Evangelist is driven by their mission, hope and possibility and therefore willing to take risks and be uncomfortable to turn the vision into reality.
  4. The Expert is the part of us that delivers our gifts and talents to the world – and our clients. It’s the Expert that impacts powerful change and creates meaningful lasting shifts for our clients. When we step into our Expert we are in flow. Whether it’s designing a program interacting with a client, delivering a speech – whatever expertise we deliver – we are tapping into our talents and purpose when we step into the role of Expert. It’s the work of the Expert that drives revenues and the more we can leverage that role, the more profitable our business will be.
  5. The Leader is the trailblazer who inspires others to commit to and work toward a common vision. It’s the part of you that is motivated by your movement and understands that you cannot do it alone. The leader is also a master at seeing the genius in others and calling if forth so they bring their highest and best self to whatever part they plan in achieving the unifying vision.
  6. The Custodian is the caretaker of the details and often mundane administrative work that keeps your business operating. In the early stages of growing your business, many entrepreneurs have this archetype working overtime. The goal however is to gather support as early as possible so that you can let your custodian step aside and let your other cast of characters shine.
  7. The Optimist is your inner cheerleader – the voice inside your head that recognizes your brilliance, believes in your gifts and sees that all things are possible. It’s this sub-archetype you want to invite out to play in any marketing or sales situation.  When the Optimist stands hand-in-hand with your Evangelist, they make a powerful, purposeful pair that can navigate any sales conversation with ease and grace.  Which one you call into you future sales experiences is really up to you. It’s impacted by the thoughts you hold, the words you use and the beliefs you choose to stand in.

There you have it! My seven entrepreneurial archetypes you can access as you move through your day.

Click here to experience Day 1 where you will be meeting (and stepping into) your Visionary.

Have a blast this week!

Note to our Big Finish Friends: The seven mini-training’s you will be receiving this week are drawn from a campaign I did a few years back called the Entrepreneurial Edge Challenge. If you have a friend or colleague who would enjoy this 7 day training, please invite them to opt in for the Big Finish Challenge at www.TheBigFinishChallenge.com