QuoteHey, you. You know that I know about you?

I know you’re up to big shit and you’re creating important things. I know this is true because you’re in this challenge reading this blog.

Now, the bigness you’re up to and the things you’re building might be important only to you… or they might be destined to have an impact on a larger community. But small or large, personal or shared, groundbreaking or conventional, if it’s in your heart, if it’s coming through you, then it’s significant and necessary.

And when you’re in the business of manifesting something significant and necessary, you need to be able to design the kind of days that give you the most bang for your beautiful energy, attention and effort.

I believe that our energy, attention and effort is a sacred currency, not to be frittered away or doled out in a thoughtless manner. In other words, cherish it. Don’t just give it to any ol’ thang that wanders into your personal space!

To that end, every bit of awareness you can muster about how you’re approaching something – be it a day or a problem, a project or a dream, a relationship or a conversation – will give you more clarity about exactly where and how to spend your energy, attention and effort.

Who do I need to be today?

          Who do I need to be in this moment?

                   How do I need to be in order to get this done?

These might seem like odd questions to ask yourself before beginning something, but as your coach it’s exactly what I’m suggesting you do. Because these questions and the answers they provide will show you how to move forward.

And when moving into action, what you’re going to do is (sometimes) the easiest part but determining how you will approach it – that my friend is the essential part.

When used consistently (especially over the long haul), these questions will condition you to pause before you begin and get clear on the qualities you need to lean into; qualities like flexibility, tenacity, vision or commitment. Then with clarity, you can move into that conversation or tackle that project or deal with that challenge in the best possible manner.

In Jane’s blog Turning UP the Volume on You, she introduced you to 7 business-building archetypes that can be accessed depending on what you have on your plate at a given moment. Any one of them could be the answer to the question, “Who do I need to be today?” Each archetype comes (as you will learn over the coming days) with it’s own mindset, qualities and attributes. When you step into an archetype, you can access its mindset and embody its qualities and attributes as your own. How cool is that?

Now… some archetypes may not come naturally to you, so you might have to be patient as you settle into it and conjure up its strengths. That’s ok! Practice. Be playful with it. Let yourself be a beginner.

Other archetypes, you will own the moment you take them on. That’s cool too!

The trick is to work with this approach, be consistent with it so each archetype becomes vibrant and alive inside of you. Then watch. Notice over time how being conscious about “who you need to be” in a given moment becomes second nature like breathing or smiling.

Lastly, let me add this… Jane’s archetypes are an extension of work I did with her as her coach. And so I want to offer it to you as well.

Just as there are archetypes that you can adopt during your workday, there are other archetypes; archetypes that you can assist you – say – in your romantic life (The Goddess), your play time (The Playful Child), when you find yourself stuck or confused (The Sage), or for that part of your that wants to BUILD AN EMPIRE (The Mogul)!

In fact these are the exact archetypes Jane and I unearthed as we worked together. The beauty for Jane was (and is – because she still works with these parts of herself) that once she named and then explored these aspects, she was able to consciously draw them in at will – planning her days to include them thereby leaving space for them to influence her being and her doing.

There are so many more to think about and explore like, The Warrior, The Seeker, The Magician, The Caregiver, The Benevolent Parent, The Artist or The Hero – each one a portal into a personal and powerful experience.

And just so you know, it’s not all empowerment and badass-ness, there are other archetypes to be on the lookout for. Archetypes that we slip into out of habit or mindlessness – like these lovelies: The Victim, The Imposter, The Liar or The Saboteur.

So, dear reader, if I can help you to design your life around the archetypes that you’d like to live from, I hope you’ll let me know.

Having the life you long for is about being conscious about who you’re being – moment by moment by moment by moment…

Xoxo JohnnyD

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