in-loveGiven the positive feedback we received on John’s beautiful blog, I thought I would stay on this vein and continue to explore what might be holding you back from being the sales rock star I know you can be. After all, one promise of the Big Finish Challenge was to unearth what may be holding you back in business and create a new relationship to it so it loses its limiting power over you.

So here we go…

As I sat with John’s invitation to take an honest look at the fears we hold around “marketing and sales,” I was reminded of another fear that grips nearly every entrepreneur I’ve worked with. It’s actually the same fear I’ve danced with in each of my 7 businesses as I navigated the early stages of growth.

When this fear is present, we play small and miss out on cool opportunities. When it’s present, we forget who we are and take our eye off our ability to impact meaningful change. When it’s present, we retreat into a vortex of self-doubt and feelings of not-enoughness.

This crippling fear that may be standing between you and your dream is the fear of appearing pushy – F.O.A.P. if we want to follow the thread from John’s blog. :o)  Her sister, fear of appearing needy, may also be present and she is equally debilitating.

These fears first set up camp in my own psyche way back in 1986, when my husband and I took $5000 to start our first business. Never having sold before, I quickly realized that if we were going to succeed (or pay our rent for that matter), I was going to have to figure out how to sell.

Needless to say, it was a painful two-year journey as I tried absolutely everything to create revenue –everything that is, except picking up the phone to sell. Knowing when something isn’t working we have two choices for creating a shift, you can change your perspective or you can change your procedure. I decided to start with perspective.

Shortly after, I was sharing my frustration with a friend who was a Sales Goddess in her realm of work. “You’re focusing on the wrong thing.” she pointed out.  “Sales, in its purest form, is a sacred exchange during which you are in total service to their dreams and desires. The moment you start focusing on your desire (like landing a new client) you mess up the energy and keep the sale at bay.”

Could it be that simple? I wondered. As a heart-centered entrepreneur, I am wired to be in service to others and the thought of bringing this into the sales process gave me renewed hope. And so it went, over the next few years I explored a different relationship to sales, creating an approach that was aligned with who I am and how I am wired. In the years that followed, I would use those skills to build a sales force of over 300 women – who I then taught to sell to the tune of generating over 2 million in annual sales. Not bad for a novice who was wracked with fear and self-doubt. ;0)

So how can all of this translate to something you can use to activate your sales rock star? It’s actually quite simple – a shift in perspective really.

You see, at the root of our fear of appearing pushy or needy when it comes to selling, is what I refer to as values disconnect.  It’s grounded in the truth that no matter how much we want something, no matter how big the goal or solid the plan to get there, if your subconscious mind sees the act of selling as being out of alignment with your core values, you may do it for a while, but you either won’t do it for long or your won’t do it very well.

Did you get that? Read it again just to be sure.

“If your subconscious mind sees the act of selling as being out of alignment with your core values, you may do it for a while, but you either won’t do it for long or your won’t do it very well.”

Therefore, it would make a whole lot of sense to go on a mission to shift your perspective by exploring how “selling” is not only not in conflict with your core values, but actually the deepest expression of your values.

It was this shift that transformed my relationship to sales decades ago and has helped thousands of clients shift their ability to successfully sell from a place of integrity and pure intention.

So how about it? Are you willing to explore how the act of selling your products and services is the most divine expression of some of the values you hold dear?  For those who are already in touch with their top ten core values, this will be easy. For those who have never done any “values work” I am happy to share an exercise from Module 1 of a course I offer for entrepreneurs in the early stages of growth called, Business Breakthrough Experience.  Click to access “Discover Your Core Values – An exploration of what matters most to you.”

If you are like many of my clients, the values that drive your desire to master the art of selling fall in two categories.

Category 1: These values are an expression of your desire to have a positive impact in the lives of others. Words like Contribution, Connection, Service, Love, Inspiration, Encouragement. When we bring these values into the sales exchange, it builds connection and trust and inspires us to remain committed to delivering value and detached from making the sale.

Category 2: These values are an expression of your commitment to your own well-being and the well-being of your loved ones. Words like Security, Family, Financial Stability, Philanthropy, Generosity, Peace of Mind.  When we bring these values into the sales exchange, it fuels our desire to be courageous, to step outside our comfort zone because the reward of the sale allows us to honor our commitment to taking care of ourselves financially and supporting others as well.

Whether you are just starting out or been at this for a while, when you re-frame your view of sales to be an act of service and an opportunity to impact positive change, you elevate the energy of your efforts which attracts and enrolls those you are here to serve.

So today, my Big Finish Visionary, I’m inviting you to courageously make the call you’ve been meaning to make, write the email that expresses your heart and extend the invitation to someone you know you are meant to work with and then… sit back… and watch the magic happen!

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Much Love, Jane