whats-your-planFor 28 years, I have been using a powerful 4-step planning process I learned from my dad way back in 1998.

But before I dive in, I am curious about something….

When you think about creating a month-by-month plan for the year ahead, what comes up for you?

Do you have a tingling feeling of excitement or butterflies in your stomach as you happily anticipate the process ahead? If yes, wonderful! Together, we are going to harness that feeling of excitement to craft a plan for an all-out breakthrough year.

Or perhaps you feel anxious or experience a sense of heaviness when you think of planning out your year. If that’s you, that’s OK. You are actually in the majority here. Planning doesn’t come naturally to most of us and is a learned skill.

Either way, my intent with this blog is to inspire you to think differently about planning. To see it not as a “SHOULD” but as a powerful practice for activating your “manifesting mojo” to attract he people, opportunities and resources to turn your business vision into your reality.

So open your mind to a new view of planning and watch the magic and manifestation begin!

I’m sharing this time-tested process I have honed over the past 30 years, because I know that crafting a vision for where you want to be one year from now and laying out a plan to get there is the only way to bring your vision to fruition and enjoy the journey along the way.

So let’s start with getting crystal clear about what you want your business to look like one year from now. From that vantage point, we will figure out how to get there, from where you are right now. While it sounds simple, it does require that you commit the time and stay with me all the way until the end. Only then can you and I create a plan to make 2017 your best year yet.

Step 1: Gather Clues To What You Want

While this step may not seem essential to planning, don’t skip it. When done right, it infuses your plan with the wisdom of your past experiences, so you work smarter going forward.

Step 2: Craft a 1 Year Vision For Your Business

If you’ve done vision work in the past, you know how important this step is. If not, it can feel a little intimidating. Trust me… I know how to make this step simple and really fun.

Step 3: Determine What Steps You’ll Need To Take

This is where you and I go on a treasure hunt to pull out the clues to what actually needs to happen, in order to make your one-year business vision a reality. It’s actually alarmingly simple.  

Step 4: Layout Your Month-To-Month Plan

This is where it gets even more fun as we back into what needs to happen on a quarterly and monthly basis, so the projects get completed, the launches kick-ass and the money flows in as you’ve predicted. 

There you have it! My time-tested, purposely designed four-step process for creating a kick-ass plan to make the coming year your best year yet.

It’s not rocket science, right?  Four steps you may have already heard of or even tried. Perhaps you are among those who are saying right now… “Been there, done that. (Yawn) Maybe I’ll go answer emails or check in on Facebook.”

But don’t be fooled. The magic in these four steps is actually in the work behind the steps I will be asking you to take. It may, in fact, be the missing piece that has kept you from the breakthrough I sense you are wanting.

Day 10If I’ve piqued your interest and open your mind to trying out these four steps to create your own plan, I’ve got a special gift I’d like to give you. It’s my highly acclaimed, all new, Quick Start Guide To Planning Your Best Year Yet. Prior to now, I’ve reserved this process for only my high end private Platinum & Diamond mastermind clients who partner with me to transform their experience in business to be more fun, more fulfilling and a lot more profitable.

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Trust me. The result of implementing my four-step process to create a plan for the coming year, is more confidence, greater clarity and a renewed commitment to do what it takes to have your best year yet in business!  I’m excited to hear how you like it. ;0)