“Man, you’d think by now I’d be beyond this, John.” I was on a call with my life coach of 8 years, John.

“What… you mean being human?” he asked with a smile.

“No, dealing with the fear, self-doubt and overwhelm that I’m sitting with this morning.” I replied.

You see, yesterday I woke up with an unusually heavy feeling that I couldn’t shake. Mario and I had just returned from a four-day getaway to Seattle where my son lives and my re-entry back into my life felt particularly difficult.

“You’ve got a lot of stuff on your plate Jane, so it’s normal to have to re-calibrate after four days off the grid,” he reminded me.

I know, I thought to myself. But today, the sense of overwhelm and doubt felt particularly heavy and unmanageable.

I wanted to move through it so I could get to my To Do list and make the feelings go away.

“Jane, over the past 8 years I’ve watched you navigate all sorts of stuff. There’s the micro-road blocks that come across your path on a regular basis. You acknowledge them and then reach for a solution to get you through it. But every now and then, when you are taking on something big like you are right now, you bump up against a macro-road block. You’re going to need to lean into all your tools to remain grounded and sane over these next two months. You’ve got this, my friend.” John encouraged.

The “Big Thing” John is referring to is preparing for the re-launch of our 7th company, Smart Biz Quiz and simultaneously launching a 10 week program called the Business Breakthrough Experience. My team and I will be managing both over the next 60 days. It feels big, scary and way outside my comfort zone.

It was this discomfort that inspired an experiment I am now inviting you into.

I’ve decided, over the next 30 days, to take you with me through a series of daily blog posts. It’s a commitment to open the Kimono and give you a peek behind the curtain as I take on these big challenges.

Here’s why I’m doing this…

  • First and foremost, when I embark upon a big project that I know will test me to my core and conjure up an extra dose of fear, self-doubt and overwhelm, the best way for me to deal with it is to “write my way through it.
  • Secondly, I’ve learned from previous 30-Day blogs that when I commit to being open, honest and vulnerable about what I’m going through, it makes you feel a little less crazy or crappy.
  • Finally, after 30 years in the entrepreneurial trenches I’ve got something really important to say about what it takes to grow a business and have a life. I want to share this with you in order to ease your “entrepreneurial angst” that comes with this crazy ride of growing a business.

This is a big undertaking. So I took it to Source in my morning practice. Here’s what transpired.

Jane: “OK God, I’m thinking of doing it again… taking my list with me over the next 30 days.”

Source: “Cool, you love it when you are on the edge. So many will be served.”

Jane: “I know and I love that. I’m also worried it will take too much time.”

Source: “It will only take time if you see it as a chore or obligation, rather than the gift you are giving yourself and your list. Your willingness to be open and honest about your experience is both inspirational and needed in today’s world, where so many are afraid to take off the mask. You being vulnerable is part of your calling.”

Jane: “I know. I can’t NOT do this, right?”

Source: “It is already done.”

Jane: “OK, I’m in. But I first want to get clear about WHY I am saying yes to this, so when I doubt the decision or lose my desire, I’ve got something to lean into to keep me going. So, here are my whys…

  • To practice what I preach… by allowing myself to be seen, vulnerable and authentic
  • To create a deeper connection with the people on my list, by revealing more of who I am on a personal level
  • To let others know they are not alone in how they feel and to help them navigate the fear, doubt, worry and overwhelm that is a natural bi-product of growing a business
  • To share my perspectives on how to succeed in business without losing your soul or your sanity
  • To offer my favorite tools and strategies that will change how you see and grow your business.”

And so it began, at 5:30 am, when I made a commitment to take you on a 30-Day Journey behind the curtain.

I have no idea how many will come along for the ride or if you will give me the 5 minutes each morning it will take to read my blog. But I do know that I will come out the other side a better person, knowing I answered the call and did my best to provide meaningful insights that will positively impact on your life and business.

Be on the lookout for tomorrow’s blog… You’re going to love it!


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