It’s day 2 of my 30-Day blog experiment and there’s no turning back now.

Yesterday I posted the first blog, sent the email to my list and I held my breath. It appears a handful of you are intrigued and along for the ride. That feels good.

I woke up this morning in Palm Springs, California where I am attending a gathering of peers hosted by my friend, Eiji Morishita. A visionary in his own right, my call with him on the drive down was aimed at helping him use our assessment tool to help participants get clear about where they are on their path, both personally and professionally. I’ll be speaking later today on my favorite topic… The Science of Meaningful and Lasting Change.

Events like these are interesting for me. While I am an extrovert and draw energy from being with others, I’ve noticed, as I’ve gotten older, that they can also suck the life out of me – especially when I am not feeling strong and grounded. So, this morning I doubled up on my morning practice so I can walk into the room feeling connected to my purpose and keep the “I suck” message at bay. It’s the only way I can give myself fully to the group. Because staying connected to one’s purpose is one of the simplest ways to show up powerfully on any given day, I thought I’d share my process with you.

Jane: What do I need to know about today?

Source: That you are here for a reason. That there are messages you need to hear, souls you are supposed to meet and gifts you are meant to share.

Jane: How would you have me show up for myself and others?

Source: Dear one, you need not do anything but show up with an open heart and a desire to serve others. Listen with an open mind, share with an intent to uplift and inspire. Try dancing between the roles of student and teacher, so that you can receive as well as give. This is how you will find those I’m intending for you to meet. It’s already transpired – you simply need to live it.

Jane: How is being here connected to the task at hand – navigating the upcoming launches of Smart Biz Quiz and the Business Breakthrough Experience?

Source: My intention for you is to experience more ease in these two launches than you have in the past. To have that happen, you will need a village of like-minded, open-hearted visionaries who keep you tethered to who you really are. Jane, you have a tendency to retreat – to hideout – when you are in the hyper-creative, intensely-productive state of a launch. This time, I want you to do the opposite. I want you to allow yourself to be seen at every step of the process. It’s why I nudged you to do this 30-day blog experiment. No hiding out this time, my love. The world needs you.

Jane: I hear you and I am up for the challenge, although I’m not quite sure how the “being seen” piece will play out. Blogging daily and speaking on stages… I’d say that’s being seen.

Source: Ah yes, it is. However, the “being seen” that I am inviting you into is about showing the world a part of yourself that even you’ve not discovered. It will be a revealing to us all. But you don’t need to put your attention on that today. Just go and have fun and let me take care of the rest.

So that is how my morning practice unfolded. Wise words I can take into my day to make the most of every moment.

I must admit, I’m a bit nervous letting you inside my world like this. But something tells me you needed to hear this message from Source just as much as I did. Something tells me that you too dance with the same self-doubt or tendency to hide as I do – even after 30 years of successfully navigating this game of entrepreneurship. I hope that makes you smile and feel more normal, knowing this is how it’s done. One courageous step at a time to stand for what you are here to do.

I’m curious… where in your life are you being nudged to step out, take more risks and allow yourself to be seen. The very act of claiming it here in this blog in the comments below will begin the process of stepping fully into it and watching the magic happen. :o)

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