With yesterday being Father’s Day, my thoughts drifted to my dad whose words of wisdom stay with me still today. I suppose there is a lot about me that was shaped by my dad. My propensity for business and fierce independence. My dogged determination when I set my mind to something and my stubbornness when I feel I’m right. ;0}

So, as I turn my focus to this week’s theme, Amp Up Your Daily Productivity, I am reminded of a story my dad once told me.

He was in an entry level sales position at a firm that sold lift trucks. He and my mom were newly married and scrapping by on little income. The sales position was his first chance to be paid based on his performance and he was determined to succeed. Here’s the story that shaped my view of productivity.

Each morning, I’d gather with the other sales guys at a local breakfast spot for a doughnut and a cup of coffee before heading out on our sales route. It was a fun way to start the day, with a lot of laughs, but I began noticing that I was starting my sales calls later and later. Then, one day as I was hustling to hit a sales goal before my prospects starting heading home, it occurred to me that had I started out earlier that morning, I would have been able to get in two, maybe three additional sales calls that day. When I sat down and calculated what those morning chats were costing me, I decided achieving my goals was more important and passed on the morning meet-up to hit the road earlier.

As you might imagine, my dad excelled in that position and worked his way up through the ranks. It wasn’t too long before he took the plunge and bought his own dealership, where he then mentored a successful team of salesmen who, by the way, did not meet for doughnuts every morning. 

What does this story about my dad have to do with step four of my Business Breakthrough formula on productivity. Everything!

Your bottom line success is determined by how effective you are with the time you invest in growing your business. Each precious hour either moves you closer to your goals or leaves you stuck right where you are. 

My Secret To Getting Things Done

I attribute our ability to start and grow seven businesses while having a fun and rewarding life outside of business much to what I inherited from my day… an ability to get things done. While it took years to find my groove, I can look at all that needs to be done and know where to invest my time for the biggest return. I have systems for organizing my to do’s, managing my schedule, keeping my inbox under control and managing my support team. These systems inspire me to take action even when I’m feeling scared, overwhelmed or just plain tired. 

That’s not to say I’m all work and no play. There has to be a balance. While some projects require that I put my head down and plow through, there is always space for play and rest.

How about you?

Have you activated your Productivity Super Powers? Or is your lack of focused action keeping you from creating the results you desire?

If you are like most, there is plenty of room for you to improve in this area.

So, to help you get crystal clear about where you can power-up your productivity, I’ve designed a quick productivity check-in tool. In less than 3 minutes you will know what missing pieced are keeping you from being more efficient and effective with your time.

Once you know where you are on the productivity spectrum, watch for my next four blogs where I’ll offer up my favorite tips, strategies and tactics for powering up your productivity.

Click here to take the Power Productivity Check-in.

Having the business you desire requires that you bring your absolute best to every day. I’m looking forward to calling you to the next level of purpose and productivity in the days ahead.

One more thing…

As I prepare the next four blog entries on the power of productivity, I want to know where you are on your path. Where do you feel challenged when it comes to navigating your day with clarity, focus and effectiveness? Share a comment below, email me or private message me. The more I understand, the more I can be of service!

Much Love,


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