As I pondered these next four blog posts dedicated to purposeful productivity, I am reflecting on why it is that I tend to get more done in a day than your typical business owner accomplishes in a day or even two. The answer… I have arrived at the place where I am able to spend 95% of my time working in what I call my “Zone of Genius.”

Your Zone of Genius is where your passion, purpose and innate talents intersect. When you’re in it, you feel a state of flow and get so lost in your work you don’t notice the passing of time. When you are “in your zone” the work seems effortless, fun and creates big results for seemingly little effort.

My Zones of Genius are:

  1. Coaching and consulting clients
  2. Creating innovative content for courses or marketing campaigns
  3. Creating meaningful connections and collaborations.

It’s work I would do whether I was paid or not, and feels fun and aligned with my mission and purpose.

But it wasn’t always like this. I spent years toiling in areas outside my Zone, taking on tasks that had to be done to take the business to where we wanted to go.

How about you? Are there things you are doing today that don’t light you up, take too long or are being done in a half-assed way? Are your days filled with stuff on the “Should Do List” rather than the “Want To List?”

My guess is, yes. Not because you don’t know the importance of delegating or that you are a glutton for punishment, but because you have not taken the leap to build a support team. Well, you’re in luck dear reader, because today we are going to take some first steps toward a life in which you too get to spend your days reveling in your Zones of Genius. ;0)

What does this have to do with productivity you may ask? Everything. Because the more you are freed up to work in your Zone, the greater contribution you’ll make, the more clients will come and the more money will flow your way.

The first step to discovering your Zones of Genius is to get a clear picture of all that needs to be done to take your business to the next level. With this eagle’s eye view, you can then call yourself to show up more powerfully in each role until you have the opportunity to build a team to which you can pass on the role. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

To make this process fun we are going to call upon some friends of mine that I’ve played with over the course of my career; the seven Entrepreneurial Archetypes. Each one represents a role you need to step into to turn your business vision into your reality. As you read about them, notice which ones feel fun and effortless and which feel heavy.

Meet Your Entrepreneurial Archetypes…

The Visionary is the dreamer who has their eye on the future and is forever seeing what can be done. When you step into the role of Visionary, you stand in possibility and see trends and opportunities that the other parts of us can’t see. It’s also the Visionary that inspires others, stimulates collaboration and ultimately understands that the vision only happens when the right team is aligned.

The Strategist is practical, patient, linear in thought and willing to take time to create a plan to turn the vision into a reality. The Strategist designs the plan around a core set of principles and views spreadsheets and objectives as their best tools for manifesting results. While they understand that their plan is based on a series of best guesses, they are always gathering information that will enhance the execution of the plan.  The Strategist’s work reduces confusion, calms chaos and provides clear concise next steps when overwhelm sets in.

The Expert is the part of you that delivers your gifts and talents to the world and your clients.  It’s the Expert that impacts powerful change and creates meaningful lasting shifts for your clients. When you step into your Expert you are in flow. Whether it’s designing a program, interacting with a client, delivering a speech – whatever expertise you deliver – you are tapping into your talents and purpose when you step into the role of Expert. It’s the work of the Expert that drives revenues and the more you can leverage that role, the more profitable your business will be.

The Evangelist is the rainmaker. The Evangelist create results by taking action and rallying themselves and the tribe around a powerful cause that is valued and supported by all. In their zest for what the company stands for, the Evangelist inspires team members, wows colleagues, courts prospects and enrolls clients to exchange their valuable resources for what they offer. The Evangelist is driven by their mission, hope and possibility and therefore willing to take risks and be uncomfortable to turn the vision into reality.

The Custodian is the caretaker of the details and often mundane administrative work that keeps your business operating. In the early stages of growing your business, many entrepreneurs have this archetype working overtime. The goal however is to gather support as early as possible, so that you can let your custodian step aside and let your other cast of characters shine.

The Alchemist is your money manager. This part of you has a healthy relationship to money and understands it is a scorecard that represents the impact you making and your sense of self-worth. Your Alchemist loves balancing the checkbook, paying the bills, tracking accounts receivable and never hesitates when it comes to collecting what is due or charging your worth.

The Leader is the trailblazer who inspires others to commit to and work toward a common vision. It’s the part of you that is motivated by your movement and understands that you cannot do it alone. The leader is also a master at seeing the genius in others and calling if forth so they bring their highest and best self to whatever part they plan in achieving the unifying vision.

Understanding and cultivating each of the seven entrepreneurial archetypes is essential to growing as an entrepreneur, being more productive, building a rack star team and moving closer to working solely in your Zone of Genius.

To help you do that, I’ve provided a handout summarizing each of the Entrepreneurial Archetypes. Print it out and keep it handy as you move through these next few days. Notice when you are being called into one or the other role and be aware of how you show up.

The truth is… you have the capacity to fulfill each of these seven roles with some degree of ease and aptitude. Step into that belief and what the magic happen. You’ll find you work more efficiently, act on inspiration, make wiser decisions, attract more clients, extend invitations, connect on a deeper level and inspire those around you.

Then, as your business grows, you will find those to whom you can delegate the tasks that do not light you up so you have more time to work in your “Zone of Genius.” And that, my friend, is the key to turning up the power on your personal productivity.

I’d love to know what you think about the seven entrepreneurial archetypes. Where are you drawn to? What feels heavy? By sharing below I can better understand how to support you going forward. Enjoy!

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