In yesterday’s blog I shared the Seven Entrepreneurial Archetypes I’ve use for years to step powerfully into whatever role my business demanded of me. These archetypes have been my friends along this journey, helping me be the person I need to take my businesses to the next level. They are a constant reminder that deep within me, are the talents, perspectives and knowledge of a rock star entrepreneur.

So when I received this question about yesterday’s blog, I was excited to share even more.

“Jane, I’ve been following your blog series for weeks and love it. But I must admit, I’m not seeing the connection between your seven archetypes and my ability to be productive and get more done in less time. Am I missing something?”

First, I love this question. Observing any new concept with a healthy dose of skepticism balanced with a sense of curiosity is a good thing.

Secondly, when you realize that your success in business is 80% how you show up and 20% what actions you take, the archetypes become a powerful tool for calling yourself to the next level of who you need to be to grow your business.

Finally, being productive and getting more done comes from stepping powerfully into any circumstance without hesitation, self-doubt or angst. When you embody the traits of the archetype this becomes natural and easy. 

Discovering the Power of Archetypes

My personal introduction to archetype work was in 2009 when I began coaching with my friend and life coach, John Dulworth. At the time, my life was a bit of a train wreck. I was working too much, my health was not good and the passion in my marriage had fizzled out. I was craving more balance, fun, passion, and ease in my life. John used “archetype work” to help me identify and call forth the parts of me that had gone dormant. What emerged was four beautiful archetypes that would help me unearth a new way of living my life. They were Sage, Playful Child, Goddess and Mogul. Each day, I would look for opportunities to invite them in, weaving fun, significance, passion and power into my days.

As a result…

Sage kept me tethered to Source and my inner wisdom so I could respond to life rather than react.

Playful Child helped me not take life too seriously and look for ways to fill my days with fun.

Goddess helped me connect with my body and weave pleasure into my days and evenings. ;0)

Mogul helped me be more clear, confident and courageous in all things related to business.

It was a powerful exercise that transformed all aspects of my life. It taught me that within each of us is a piece of the thing we are striving to become.

With this new appreciation of archetypes, I decided to try it in my business life as well.

What emerged was the Seven Entrepreneurial Archetypes that embody the primary roles you and I need to fulfill as business owners. They are the Visionary, Strategist, Expert, Evangelist, Custodian, Alchemist and Leader. (For more details on the archetype, see yesterday’s blog or download this handout.)

He more I leaned into these seven archetypes to call myself to the next level, the more things fell into place in my business. I want this for you as well.

My invitation is to take these three simple steps to experience the transformative power of this archetype work.

Get Curious: Begin to get a sense of how these seven archetypes show up in your role as an entrepreneur. Today and even tomorrow, notice the many hats you are wearing and how often you shift from one role to another. From drafting an email to a potential client (the Evangelist) to balancing your checkbook (The Alchemist), recognize the varied roles you are needing to fulfill.

Find your strength: While you are likely spending time in each of these archetype roles, there are two or three that are within your zone of genius. These roles feel like home to you. When you are acting from this place you are in flow and happy. It’s important to know what those are so I’ve designed a quick quiz to help you determine which of the Archetypes represent your strengths. Click here to discover your primary and secondary Entrepreneurial Archetype.

Call in the Archetypes: Use these five simple steps to bring your best self to your business.

Step #1: Look to your day to see what’s on the horizon.

Step #2: For each scenario, imagine what’s required to show up fully in your power.

Step #3: Decide which archetype embodies what’s required of the situation.

Step #4: As the day unfolds, notice which role you are stepping into and who you need to be

Step #5: Notice the positive impact of consciously bringing your best self to any situation

So often in business, we focus solely on what we are not. We tell ourselves that our website sucks, our talk isn’t tight enough, our marketing message isn’t compelling or our webinars aren’t working. And while there will always be places to grow and ways to improve our businesses, the biggest determinant of your success is YOU.  Befriending the seven entrepreneurial archetypes is one way to equip yourself to step fully into your role as a business owner and experience the success you desire.

OK, I’m dying to know how this and yesterday’s blog landed with you! What resonates? What do you question? What are you willing to try? As always, please post below, shoot me an email at or private message me. I promise I will personally respond.

BTW… please do not miss the opportunity to discover which of the Entrepreneurial Archetypes are in your Zone of Genius. Click here and invest just 4 minutes. You’ll be so glad you did.

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