Heading into the final stretch of the 30 Day Blog Challenge, I knew we had to cover productivity. That’s because you have to get things done to move forward.

It only made sense to make Amp Up Your Daily Productivity the theme for the week.

Day 19: The Connection between Productivity and Profits

As we moved past Father’s Day, I shared how my dad had shaped me.  I also touched on how my dad got more done. 

Click here to take the Power Productivity Check-in.

It takes less than 3 minutes.  It will show you what missing pieces are keeping you from being more efficient and effective with your time.

To read the full blog post, The Connection between Productivity and Profits, click here.

Day 20: Discover Your Zones of Genius

I shared my secret to getting more done in a day than most accomplish in two:

I spend 95% of my time working in what I call my “Zone of Genius.”

(I confessed that I had not always been working from my Zone of Genius).

Your Zone of Genius is where your passion, purpose and innate talents intersect. Being in your Zone of Genius allows you to be in a state of flow and work seems effortless.

I shared the areas that are my personal Zones of Genius where I would do the work whether I was paid or not. It aligns with my mission and purpose.

I shared that I lean into the seven Entrepreneurial Archetypes when I need to get something done so the work can feel fun and effortless. 

Check out the full blog post to get all of the juicy Archetype insights here. It’s well worth the read.  But for a quick overview, the seven Entrepreneurial Archetypes are:

The Visionary is the dreamer. This is where you stand in possibility and see trends and opportunities, including where you inspire others, stimulate collaboration and get the right team aligned.

The Strategist is a practical, patient planner.  It is when you move step-by-step and work from a core set of principles to manifest results.

The Expert impacts powerful change.  Here you are tapping into the talents and purpose that keeps you in flow, drives your revenues and touches your clients.

The Evangelist is the rainmaker. The Evangelist inspires team members, wows colleagues, courts prospects and enrolls clients to exchange valuable resources.

The Custodian is the caretaker of details and administrative work.  The key is to get support to move away from this archetype so you can let your other archetypes shine.

The Alchemist is your money manager. This part loves balancing the checkbook, paying the bills, tracking accounts receivable and never hesitates when it comes to collecting what is due or charging your worth.

The Leader is the trailblazer. This part is motivated by your movement, sees the genius in others and understands that you cannot do it alone.

I love the seven Entrepreneurial Archetypes because they identify the different personas we each need to step into in our business.  (Pick up the handout of the Entrepreneurial Archetypes here).

Stepping into the archetypes can help you handle work more efficiently, attract more clients, extend invitations, connect on a deeper level and inspire those around you.  It also lets you act from your ‘Zone of Genius.’

To read the full blog post, Discover Your Zones of Genius, click here.

Day 21: A Deeper Dive Into The Entrepreneurial Archetypes

Because success in business is 80% how you show up and 20% what actions you take, I took a deeper dive into the archetypes as a powerful tool in helping you show up and in growing your business.

I shared that I came in contact with the archetypes when I was working too much, my health was not good and the passion in my marriage had fizzled out. I was craving more balance, fun, passion, and ease in my life.

I shared four archetypes, adding to the ones shared in the blog post, Discover Your Zone of Genius. These helped me have more fun, significance, passion and power:

Sage keeps me tethered to Source and my inner wisdom.

Playful Child helps me look for fun and not take life too seriously.

Goddess helps me stay connected to my body and weave pleasure into my days and evenings. ;0)

Mogul helps me be more clear, confident and courageous in business.

The archetypes taught me that within each of us is a piece of the thing we are striving to become.

To experience the transformative power of this archetype work, I suggested:

Get Curious: Get a sense of how these show up in your life.

Find your strength: Find the two or three that are within your Zone of Genius. Click here to discover your primary and secondary Entrepreneurial Archetype.

To use the archetypes to bring the best you to your business, I provided a five-step process.  You can see it here

And don’t miss the opportunity to discover which Entrepreneurial Archetype is you. Click here to invest just 4 minutes. You’ll be glad you did.

To read the full blog post, A Deeper Dive Into The Entrepreneurial Archetypes, click here.

Day 22: The #1 Killer of Your Productivity

This is where we got real about the number of emails in your Inbox. 

Unaddressed, emails can derail productivity, cause costly mistakes and kill your sense of control and joy.  What’s more, I’ve found that clients with out of control inboxes typically have chaos in other parts of their businesses.

There’s an emotional cost to an overstuffed inbox.  By contrast, having a fool-proof system for follow up gives a sense of ease and control.

Because I believe “how you do one thing is how you do everything,I asked four powerful questions:  

  • Are you keeping any emails in your inbox as a reminder of an action step you need to take?
  • Do you have emails in your inbox simply because you don’t want to lose the information or forget a point?
  • When you open your email do you have a feeling of dread as the new ones come pouring in?
  • Have you ever felt like unsubscribing to everything or moving to a cabin in Montana with no internet?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I provided 7 of my 20 simple strategies to help:

  1. Decide to be the victor not the victim. Commit to an email management system where you control how much time and energy your emails take each day.
  2. Give yourself 30 minutes a day for the 7 days to work on one of these steps.
  3. Create more than one email account for campaigns and subscriptions. Use your personal email account for private and high-level business dealings.
  4. Even if you are a one person show, create two admin accounts;
  5. Unsubscribe over time. Create a folder titled “Opt-out.” When an email comes from a source I no longer want, I move it to the opt-out folder. Never opt-out right on the spot. Opt out of all at once. (Tip… sort the opt-out folder alphabetically. Then delete all the emails from the same source, once you’ve opted out.)
  6. Create a “swipe” folder where you save samples of other people’s email campaigns that catch your attention.
  7. Create an “education” folder where you save emails you want to return to later. It’s tempting to click through to check something out only to find yourself having gone down a rat hole of opt ins and videos. Instead, schedule time to dive into these emails outside of your peek business-building time.

Conquering inbox overwhelm is just one power-productivity move I share in the Business Breakthrough Experience.  It’s a powerful 10-week program designed to alter how you see and grow your business so you can step into the kick-ass business owner you know you need to be.

To read the full blog post – The #1 Killer of Your Productivity, click here.

Day 23: Embracing My Willingness To “Be Seen”

Here, I reflected on the decades of adventures that shaped and molded who I am and I then landed on this 30-day blog series.

With only 7 days left, I explored my intentions for writing and I confessed that there is one intention that I’ve not fully delivered on … to practice what I preach by allowing myself to be vulnerable, authentic and seen.

I asked myself what was making me feel so incredibly uncomfortable about filming.  I took the question into a dialogue with Source. (You can read the full conversation on the blog here).

I then shared my reflection of how my mom recently filmed her 200th episode of “What’s Cooking.” She pushed through feeling self-conscious on camera, “Because it makes people happy and that’s what I love to do.”

It is with this backdrop that I committed to follow in Mom’s footsteps by finishing this 30-Day blog series with five videos. It will be an experiment in letting go of my need to make it perfect, have a good hair day or say just the right thing.  Once I shifted from it being all about me to it being about YOU, filming five videos seemed a small price to pay to align with my core value of contribution.

I then invited you, dear reader, into the adventure with me through a few nudges:

Nudge #1: Do the thing you fear the most to live the life you truly want.

Watch how you show up and kick-ass when you are called to do something bold and evolve into the person you are meant to become.

Nudge #2: Use PDA (Public Display of Accountability) to hold yourself to a higher standard.

If you are like me, you are often more willing to do something for others than you are for yourself. Leverage that.

Nudge #3: Surround yourself with support.

Going it alone makes it more difficult, slows your progress and is not very fun. And I shared that this is where I hope to come in. My remarkable team and I stand in support of you no matter where you are on your path – just starting out or a seasoned pro. Click here to request a call with someone on my team about where you want to take your business.

I committed to tap into my 30-years of business-building as I answered a question each day on the vlog.

Click here to share what you would like me to address in the upcoming videos.

As coaches, trainers and mentors, it’s our job to clear the trail for those we are leading. It is the most rewarding aspect of the work we are here to do.

Let’s do it together!

To read the full blog post, Embracing My Willingness To “Be Seen,” click here.

Day 24: From Frustration to Fuel

I ended the week with a share of a video exploring patience. 

The ability to hang in there even when it is hard is a powerful productivity tool.  Because no matter where we are on the entrepreneurial journey, we will encounter frustrating times. Being able to keep engaged and moving forward is key to achieving.

From Simon Sinek to Malcolm Gladwell, this mind-expanding look at “patience” will transform your frustration into fuel.

Click here to view the video.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this video.  Please reach out to me at Janed@janedeuber.com and let me know your thoughts.

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