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I’m curious… where do you stand on the topic of VULNERABILITY in business?

In today’s vlog, I answer a question from a member of my tribe who, after honoring my willingness to be vulnerable and seen, questioned whether it was a good “business move” for her.

I believe that when we open ourselves up and allow others in, we not only melt away the self-doubt and loathing that resides within us all, we also pave a path where business becomes a natural extension of who we are and what we are here to do.

Any effort that is not born out of our natural state of humanness feels like work and takes keeps us from doing the work we are here to do.

Check out what I have to say on vulnerability in business and then tell me where you stand by posting a comment below.

“Being vulnerable means that our soul is open for things to arise in it. It is undefended. A.H. Almaas”

Much Love,