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Something interesting happened after bearing my soul to my community last week.

People sent warm wishes, shared their own private struggles and, in general, reacted with deep compassion and kindness. It was remarkable.

So this morning, I reflected on why my email struck such a chord with those on my list.

I came up with is that we are all so tired of bullshit emails filling up our inboxes, that when one comes along that feels honest and offers real value, we feel a sense of hope – even relief.

But reality is, I wrote that email for me more than I wrote it for you.

You see… writing is my favorite form of expression. When I put pen to paper, or in my case, fingers to keyboard, my aim is to be a truth teller; first for myself and then for you, the reader. In my quest to find the right words, I am able to process and then solidify my beliefs, tactics and strategies for living a great life and growing a profitable business. It feels good and hopefully on a good day… benefits others.

So all this got me thinking…

If I love writing because it helps me solidify my thoughts and strategies, and others gain value from reading it… why don’t I do it more often?  Why not start my day writing about topics that interest me and possibly you? Why not really go for it and write every day?

As I often do when I’m considering anything that requires my precious time, I weighed the pros and cons.

Pros: If I wrote a daily email (say for 2 weeks straight) it could…

  • prompt me to create content we can re-purpose elsewhere.
  • allow me to encapsulate what I’ve learned from over 30 years in the entrepreneurial space.
  • give me a platform to share biz-building strategies you can’t get anywhere else.
  • create a more meaningful connection with you by being real and delivering value.
  • help you get to know me, my views on business and perhaps inspire you to want more. ;0)

Cons: If I wrote a daily email for 2 weeks it could…

  • take time away from other passion projects.
  • annoy you to the point you decide to opt out.

Hmmm… anything else? (crickets chirping) That’s it? Just two cons against five pros?

The wins seem worth the time it will take and the risk of you opting out so, I’m in!

What will I write about? Just like my 30 day blog series, I’ll figure that out as I go. I promise it will be fresh, genuine content, aimed at helping you take your business to the next level. In addition to sharing a personal story, I’ll weave in a business-building strategy and invite you to take one powerful action each day.

Are you in?

So where is today’s teaching point, you may be asking?

Ahhh… today’s teaching comes in the form of a few questions I’d like you to ponder.

Using THIS email as an example, let me ask you…

  • When was the last time you communicated with your list?
  • In that communication were your honest, real and vulnerable?
  • In that communication did you take a risk, make a promise or do something outside your comfort zone?

What your list is craving is YOU, not just your wisdom. They crave meaningful, real communication that shows your human side, as well as your expertise. They want to feel that you genuinely care and not just in it for the sale. In some ways you could say that they crave intimacy.

In my private client mastermind we call this “assumed intimacy.” As thought leaders it’s our job to create meaningful connections through things like emails, audios, videos and free training’s. It’s our job to know the pains and desires of our tribe and do our best to alleviate the pain and fuel their desire.

How I see it, is the moment you opted in to my list (whether for a free report, a webinar, a drawing, etc.), you said YES (at some level) to me. In exchange, I said yes to you with a promise to deliver relevant, valuable content in a way that engages you and is worth the time you invest. That’s a sacred promise – one I don’t take lightly.

So here are my questions for today. (Please comment below!)

  1. Do you agree that we are all craving more meaning, honesty, vulnerability, as well as value, in the communication we receive in our inbox?
  2. What do believe would happen if you weave more “intimacy” into your communication with your list?
  3. Where in your communication will you be more real, offer more value or be more generous to honor the privilege of having them on your list?

With Love,


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