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Yesterday, I was on a call with a client in my Mastermind. She is stepping into a really big week preparing for the launch of the online program my team built for her. She was feeling nervous and overwhelmed by it all, so our conversation drifted to who she needs to be this week to navigate the items on her to do list and stay in her positive, happy place.

Then, she asked this question, Jane, how the hell do you get so much done and stay so calm?”

Pharmaceuticals, I responded. (No… just kidding!)

Her question was one I hear a lot, not just from clients but from friends who are also in the entrepreneurial space. Because “getting stuff done” is one of the tenants of running your business, I thought I would share one of my secret hacks that enables me to get more done with a sense of peace and confidence.

It’s a strategy for staying out of overwhelm and navigating the myriad of tasks you and I are required to do on a daily – even hourly – basis. With this strategy, you will be able to move through your day with greater ease and clarity about who you need to be and what you need to do. It’s my Entrepreneurial Archetypes.

My personal introduction to archetype work began in 2009, when my life was a bit of a shit show. I was working way too much, my health was not good and the passion in my marriage had fizzled. In my quest for more balance, fun and passion, a friend recommended a book on archetypes by Carolyn Myss. What emerged was a handful of archetypes that helped me tap into a way of being that would alter the way to see and experience my life.

Seeing how using archetypes helped me show up more powerfully in my personal life, I wondered if I could apply the same concept to my role as an entrepreneur. What emerged were the Seven Entrepreneurial Archetypes – seven distinct energies that embody the seven primary roles you and I need to fulfill as the CEO of our own business.

Drum-roll please…

The Visionary is the dreamer who has their eye on the future and is forever seeing what’s possible.

The Strategist is the practical, patient and linear part of you who creates consistent results by outlining a plan to turn the vision into reality.

The Leader is the trailblazer who inspires others to commit to and work toward a common vision.

The Expert is the part of you that impacts positive change by delivering your gifts and talents to others.

The Evangelist is your inner marketer who has an unshakable belief in what you offer and wants the world to experience your gifts.

The Alchemist is your money manager who has a healthy relationship with money and loves to manage the flow of cash in and out of your business.

The Custodian is the caretaker of the detailed administrative work that keeps your business operating.

You can use these archetypes to help you step powerfully into whatever role or task your day requires.

Have a meeting with your team? Call upon the Leader. Holding strategy sessions with potential clients? Tap into the Evangelist. Conducting a webinar or coaching a client? Bring along the Expert.

Each archetype has its own strengths; its own set of things that block them and a collection of tools that help them kick ass. Through the archetypes you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the roles you need to fulfill as CEO and are better equipped to call forth the qualities and attributes of each role.

Want to play a fun game?

Download a brief handout on the Seven Entrepreneurial Archetypes. Then, as you move through your day for the rest of this week, notice when you are moving from one role to another. See if you can call forth the energy of that archetype to up your game in that role and stand fully in your power.

I believe we all have a pool of untapped talent, insight and capability within us. The Seven Entrepreneurial Archetypes provide a way for you to consciously call forward the next level of kick-ass entrepreneur you are being called to be.

Have fun with it and be sure to let me know what you discover as you play around with these seven rock star friends. ;0) (Post in the comments below!)

Much Love,


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