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I did something pretty outrageous this weekend, how about you?

It all started Friday morning when we emailed my Friday message to my list. In it, I went on a bit of a rant about what I think people really need on their path to either start or grow a business.

After 30 years at this entrepreneurial game, I’ve grown weary of the massive mastermind model where the person at the top is so hell bent on leverage, too many people are not getting what they need and therefore not getting the traction necessary to get the revenues flowing.

Don’t get me wrong, online programs work beautifully for teaching narrow topics. In fact, a division of my company builds eLearning platforms for clients who want to take their expertise online. But when it comes to business, piecemealing your strategy from multiple gurus is not only expensive, you end up with a mishmash of strategies that don’t necessarily fit together.

So when I shared my frustration around this last Friday, folks came out of the woodwork to share their experience of biz growth programs that missed the mark.

This got me thinking. Rather than complain, why don’t I do something about it?

While my private mastermind includes a ton of one-on-one time with me, it is however, a long-term commitment and limited to only a handful of people. Then it came to me… what if I designed a private retreat experience that is extremely personalized, incredibly comprehensive and super affordable.

Voila!… within 24 hours of birthing the idea, I had signed a contract to rent a beautiful home in Pebble Beach (just 4 minutes from me) where I am now holding not one, but four intimate retreats for helping business owners accomplish in 4 days, what takes most people 4 to 6 months to accomplish.

I guess you could say I put my money where my mouth is. ;0)

Was it a radical decision? Did I move too quickly? For some, it may seem that way… but for me, no.

You see, I believe that overthinking and overanalyzing decisions is one of the reasons many entrepreneurs are stuck. To be successful in business, you need to listen to your intuition, ask smart questions and take inspired action!

How about you? When it comes to taking action, are you quick to decide or do you lament?

Years ago, I created a process to help me be more decisive and conscious when making decisions.

It involves theses five steps…

Step 1: I ask 6 powerful questions to determine whether I am in alignment with the action.

Step 2: I list all the possible benefits that could come from attempting the action.

Step 3: I list the cost of not taking the action.

Step 4: I list what could go wrong and consider how I could either prevent or recover from it.

Step 5: I make the decision.

What’s cool is that by the time you get to step 5, the answer is obvious and the decision is quite easy.

Every day in your business you are making decisions… Do you go to that event? Hire that new team member? Take on that new client? Call that potential client? Invest in that program?

The better you are at making clear, conscious decisions, the less stress, overwhelm and angst you will feel. Because I want that for you, I’m giving you my Conscious Decision Making process as my way of helping you be more kick-ass in business. Click here to grab this powerful process right away. ;0)

By the way… that house in Pebble Beach? It’s amazing and the retreat format I’ve put together is incredibly comprehensive. One retreat is for those who are starting a business and want to get it right. The other retreat is for those who are ready to take their existing business to the next level. During these four powerful days there will be plenty of time for learning, lots of time for doing and a plethora of space to get the personalized feedback you need. Above all, we will be making powerful, conscious decisions that ensure the path you take to grow your business is aligned with who you are and how you want to feel along the way.

Want to come? ;0)

What’s cool about these Business Acceleration Retreats is we take care of you from the moment you arrive on Thursday evening until we finish up on Monday afternoon. You’ll enjoy delicious, healthy meals, walk the beach on the famed 17 Mile Drive, hike the surrounding forest trails and create meaningful connections with cool people. And, if you are among the first to say yes, you have the option of staying in one of the breathtaking rooms on the premise.

If you are committed to taking your business to the next level and value getting support and guidance from someone who has been down this path seven times, click here to request more information and speak with someone from my team.

It’s the perfect opportunity to practice using my Five-Step Process For Conscious Decision Making. ;0)

You being more courageous is what your business needs. Let’s explore what that can look like.

Much Love,


PS. One reason I know this was a wise decision is the “Yes” I received from the handful of people I shared it with yesterday. We’ve already sold out the first week retreat. So don’t delay. Let’s talk today!