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What’s Possible For You?

That is the first question in my Powerful Questions handout that I gifted yesterday.

While the handout includes 15 questions for uncovering your next “power move,” that first question is my all-time favorite. By asking “what breaks your heart or pisses you off”, you tap into the injustices you feel called to make right. When you ask this question, you’ll see what’s not working and from this place you feel inspired to create change. You resolve to right the wrong, provide the solution and bring relief to those you are here to serve.

A few years back, I journaled around this question and here’s what came up.

Jane, what breaks your heart?

It breaks my heart when…

… I see talented, well-meaning people struggle to have the business they’ve always wanted.

… Lured by slick pitches, they invest in program after program searching for strategies and solutions.

… What they end up with is a piecemeal plan with conflicting strategies from multiple mentors.

… There is no “method to their madness” and overwhelm and confusion quickly set in.

… From this place of frustration, they find it hard to be confident courageous and the sales don’t come.

… Sensing something is off, they go in search of the next program, course or coach.

… That new strategy is piled on top of the others, yet still there is no comprehensive plan for growth.

… The new investment inspires renewed hope, but the promise of a big win doesn’t happen and the overwhelm and confusion return.

Those words, written in my journal, were the seeds of what today, is my Master Path Mastermind. I remember feeling such a deep sense of resolve to help the tens of thousands, even millions of people whose dream of having a wildly successful business, was eluding them.

One simple question helped me tap into what I wanted to change.

Back then, I was inspired to launch my 6 and 12 month mastermind. Today, witnessing the sense of urgency so many are feeling, I’m inspired to offer the Business Acceleration Retreat.

For 30 years, I’ve been in the business of helping entrepreneurs turn their experience into a business they love and here is what I learned…

There is a science to defining, launching and growing a business. It takes careful thought, a solid plan and stealth execution to really get it right.

Yet, so many people expect it to be easy. Rather than do the work to create the plan, they go for the quick fix, believing in empty promises from people who ultimately – just want your money.

Business is tough.

It requires that you get crystal clear about your mission, market, money model and marketing strategy. It requires a solid, thought-out plan that keeps you focused and inspired.

It requires mentorship from someone who can help you stop wasting your money or your time.

It requires that you develop new skills so you can fill the shoes of a kick-ass CEO.

But you can’t do it alone.

I created my mastermind experience to be all-inclusive and give you exactly what you need to succeed in business. We begin with a powerful 90 Day Fast Track plan, by revamping your revenue model, magnetizing your marketing message and identifying your opportunities for growth. Then, we design your marketing plan by choosing strategies and tactics that are aligned with who you are. Heck… we even systematize your sales process and build your online academy so you can sell your programs to groups. Along the way, we alter your entrepreneurial DNA, by helping you navigate the inner game and move through the blocks that are holding you back.

And…. you get me as your business advisor, in the trenches and locking arms to turn the vision into a reality.

We help you with all of it, so you don’t have to be pulled into so many directions to get exactly what you need.

You see, 95% of small business owners fail because they don’t have a well-designed plan for turning the vision into reality and/or an experienced coach to guide them along the way.

That’s what Erica Boling was missing when she joined the mastermind in May of 2016.

When she arrived she was feeling scared, overwhelmed and unclear about where to go next. She had invested in various programs to get her K9 Fitness business off the ground, but wasn’t getting a lot of traction. As a tenured professor at Rutgers, she understood the importance of finding proven strategies she could implement part-time and sensed taking her training programs on line was a smart move.

While she felt nervous about the investment, she took the leap and dove right in. She followed the plan and did everything I told her to do. Within her first 10 weeks, she launched her first course and recouped her entire investment. She didn’t stop there. Today, in addition to her course sales, she is certifying others in her K9 Fitness work and can hardly believe how far she has come. Just last weekend, at a dog training event, Erica walked away with $20,000 in registrations and a handful of hot leads.

Here is what Erica did to create that success…

  • She started with a vision of where she wanted to be in a year and laid out her first 90 Day Plan.
  • She got to work right away and launched her online academy within the first 10 weeks.
  • She followed our “inner circle” launch process to the “T” and closed her first group of clients.
  • She mastered our “client attraction and enrollment” process for selling high-ticket programs.
  • She learned how to navigate the emotional ups and downs by mastering her inner game.
  • She attended our weekly Learning Labs, asked great questions and put the ideas to work.
  • She became more confident and found her life’s work by keeping her eyes on her vision.
  • She came to our one-on-one coaching session prepared and open to new ideas.
  • She was supported by a community of people who want to see her succeed.

The Master Path Mastermind is an experience you won’t find anywhere else. But it’s not the only way we can play together.

For those who just need the planning piece or who want to take their content online, I created our 4-day retreats…

I have been down the entrepreneurial path seven times and know how grueling it can be. I am on a mission to make business easier, more fun and a lot more profitable for you.

Even if you are not sure you are ready for this next step, let’s explore. It starts with a simple conversation with someone from my team. You will look to where you are rocking it and find the opportunities for change. In the end, you will come away feeling more clear, more confident and more resolved to play a bigger game.

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If you prefer to get a glimpse at the programs first, simply click on the link to request more information.

Master Path Mastermind

Business Acceleration Retreat

Course Creation Bootcamp

As I bring the two week Business Acceleration Series to a close tomorrow, I want to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your journey and I hope to have the privilege of connecting with you soon.

With Love,