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This morning, I journaled around what I could offer you as I wrap up this 2-week series. Just as soon as I wrote the question on the page, the answer immediately emerged… give them the gift of awareness.


Awareness, is one of my favorite things to talk about with entrepreneurs. That’s because when you are “aware” of where you are on your path and how you are showing up, you become a better business owner. You make better decisions, you are inspired to take action and take on any challenge with a greater sense of confidence.

You’ve already experienced one tool for increasing self-awareness on Day 3 called the Seven Entrepreneurial Archetypes. The archetypes enable you to claim your strengths and navigate the myriad of things you need to do on a given day with greater ease. 

But that’s not enough.

Awareness of your personal strengths is not enough. You must also be aware of what’s working, what’s not, where you are making progress and what missing pieces are holding you back.

In fact, awareness is at the heart of Tony Robins #1 Mandate of Success… Tell the Truth.


When you tell the truth about your current situation you are “in choice” about where to go from here. When you tell the truth, you own your ability to create change by taking action. When you tell the truth, you empower yourself to take control of your destiny.

I was sold on the importance of “truth telling” way back in 2006. We were launching our first online program to 500 business owners. I wanted to know exactly where each person was on their path so we could track their progress.

What resulted was astounding. The simple act of assessing themselves in the key areas of business not only heightened their awareness of where they were strong, it also opened their eyes to why they had not been getting the results they wanted. It was profound. As a result of being aware, their collective progress was impressive and long-lasting.

How about you? Are you crystal clear about what missing pieces are keeping you from what you want? If you are like most, you have an intuitive hit but have never truly quantified it or looked at it closely.

Well today, as we wrap up the Business Acceleration Series, I am going to ask you to do something really important. I am going to ask you to invest just 4 minutes to get crystal clear about where you are on track and what missing pieces are holding you and your business back.  

Take the Rock Your Biz Quiz right now.

It takes just 4 minutes and will open your eyes to what elements you need to put in place to have a solid, profitable business that gives you the income and lifestyle you desire.

When you take the Rock Your Biz Quiz you will not only receive your results via email, you will also get immediate access to a brief training I’ve created to help you better understand your quiz results.

Imagine being able to interpret your section scores that will point you toward where you want to focus your attention next. It’s powerful!

Because we’ll have a better understanding of where you are and what you actually need, we will be able to provide you with powerful next steps and relevant trainings.

So it’s a win/win. You get clear about what pieces you need to put in place and we are better able to serve you. So, take just four minutes to complete the Rock Your Biz Quiz and I will meet you on the other side to unpack your results.

Join me for this masterclass!

While I’ve shared my favorite tools and strategies in the Business Acceleration Series, one topic seemed to resonate the most and inspired the most questions. It was my suggestion that there are four areas (I called them realms) every expert entrepreneur needs to master in order to have a profitable thriving business. Nail these four and you are golden. Fall short in these four areas and you will find yourself on the “work yourself to death” treadmill forevermore.

So… next Thursday, I am going to take you on a deeper dive into exactly what these four elements are. I’ll also reveal a proven model I’ve used with my private clients to ensure you maximize and you never waste a single minute or your hard earned money on projects that don’t have the impact you imagined.

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It has been such a pleasure serving you through this Business Acceleration Series. 

To what’s possible!