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Yesterday, I had a session with a new consulting client. To respect her privacy, we’ll call her Beth. She’s bright, ambitious, positive and open to do whatever it’s going to take to get her business to the next level. I love that in a client.

Unfortunately, her story is all too common and I’m wondering if you can relate.

Beth stepped into entrepreneurship with a big dream. She’s spent the last 3 years investing in programs, attending events and hiring business coaches to get the traction she needs, to have the impact and earn the money she envisioned when she started. But that hasn’t happened.

Before my initial call with a new client, I always do a deep dive and explore where my client is on their journey. About 10 minutes in, I began to see the signs of the problem … confusing marketing messages, conflicting niches, inconsistent offers and an overall lack of strength in who she was and what she offered.

When it came time to hop on Zoom, I had a lot of questions and was determined to get some clarity so we could make a ton of progress in the time we had together. Not long into the session, we had identified the three huge missing pieces that were the cause of her lack-luster results and frustration.

Here they are….

  1. Beth had a wobbly target market. What I mean is that she hadn’t truly committed to serve one specific type of client. Fearful of missing an opportunity, she had been spinning her wheels dancing between two completely opposite target markets.
  2. Beth’s offers were not clear. Because she was trying to be all things to many masters, she hadn’t clearly articulated how people could work with her or what was included in a coaching package.
  3. Finally, (listen up because this was the mac-daddy problem) Beth had never laid out the process she would walk her clients through, to experience the shifts and outcomes they come to her for. In short, she hadn’t identified her unique Signature Process.

Eureka! We had found it… the missing Holy Grail that impacts all other aspects of her business. Without a clearly articulated “Signature Process”, Beth had been waffling on who she wanted to serve, reluctant to define how people could work with her and secretly afraid that she wouldn’t be able to deliver on her promise to help clients create the changes they so desperately wanted.

Beth was both ecstatic and hopeful.

Now that she understands why she was feeling so stressed and reluctant to get out and market her business, the guilt and heaviness was lifted.

In the little time we had left, we took the following steps…

  1. She decided which tribe she wanted to serve, by telling herself she could loop back and serve the other tribe once she was rocking her marketing to the first.
  2. We came up with a process where she will work with a small group of clients who represent her target market and, over a 4-week period, walk them through a process for creating the results they desired.
  3. We decided on the price, the process and the plan so that Beth, once and for all, can outline her unique client path… her Signature Process that will become the heart of all she does in her business going forward.

How will Beth know what her Signature Process is?

That’s the fun part! Articulating your unique process for impacting change for your clients is a powerful, fun and exciting experience. It requires that you look carefully at what beliefs, behaviors, skills and support must be present for your clients and then design a process for creating those shifts.

Will Beth ever offer her Signature Process to groups through an online course?

Perhaps. But right now, the smartest thing Beth can do is get crystal clear about how she uniquely serves clients and start gathering the evidence that her process gets clients results. From there, she can stand strong in who she is, what she offers and how she can deliver on her promise of impacting positive change.

How about you? Where are you on your path?

Are you crystal clear about your Signature Process and ready to take it to bigger audience? Or are you needing to further refine it so you are more clear in your marketing and more confident when you sell?

Either way, I am here to tell you that defining and refining your Signature Process is the smartest step you can take as an expert entrepreneur. It stimulates new confidence, breathes new life into your marketing and inspires you to take courageous actions to get out, to be seen and to find your ideal client.

So… why do you I tell you all of this? Because I am tired of people coming to me after they have spent a ton of money and have nothing to show for it… and because I am holding a Live Masterclass where I will be taking a deeper dive on turning what you are already doing into a Signature Process you can begin to leverage in 2017!

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Much Love,