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Yesterday, I got an email from someone in my community asking this question….

“Jane, can one small step really change everything in my business?”

Their question was honest and…

…it exudes the doubt, skepticism and jadedness that so many coaches, consultant, speakers and authors are living with right now. And who can blame them? Something interesting is happening in the thought leader world today. Open rates are down, click-throughs dwindling and the number of people viewing our free content is but a faction of days gone by.

But you can’t give up, you’ve simply got to get smart. Because the world needs you and your unique genius that takes your clients from where they are to where they desperately want to be.

What is the step that can infuse your bottom line with more sales and your spirit with renewed hope?

It’s designing a Signature Process on Steroids.

What is that, you ask?

A Signature Process on Steroids starts with mapping out the steps your client’s need to take to experience the change they desire. But it does not stop there. That’s where most get it wrong and end up with a course or coaching process that leaves clients struggling to experience the results you’ve promised.

So, what’s the answer?

Step 1: Learn how to identify the step-by-step journey your clients need to take to create the results they want by discovering the Art & Science of Great Content Design.

Step 2: Recognize that to inspire clients to stay in the game all the way till the end, you must equip them with Inner Game tools for breaking through the challenges and barriers you know will show up.

Step 3: Finally, discover how to inspire meaningful and lasting change by helping clients build new beliefs, adopt new behaviors and hone new skills at each step along the journey.

Your Signature Process, when designed properly, inspires meaningful, lasting change in your clients. It keeps clients in the arena, fighting the fight and experiencing the results you promise.

While it’s not complicated, there is an art and science behind inspiring change in your clients and turning your intuitive coaching process into a people-empowering, money-generating machine you can turn on whenever you’re in need of some cash or have a hankering to change more lives.

But let me warn you. Some thought leaders will tell you all you need is a stack of post-it notes and a bit of gamification to keep clients in the game. That’s just wrong. Intelligent, adult learners are expecting more than that and frankly REQUIRE more in order to break through the barriers that have plagued them for years or even a lifetime.

Because I care. Because I am tired of seeing well-meaning experts fall short of giving clients what they need, I am hosting a masterclass called, The Ultimate Course Creation Formula: Five powerful steps to designing the Ultimate Signature Program that creates recurring revenues, raving fan clients and becomes the profit engine of your business.

Will you come?

Grab your spot here.

If you do, I promise you will leave understanding how ONE SIMPLE STEP can change everything in your business forever.