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Commitment is an interesting thing, don’t you think?

In a moment of passion, clarity, confidence and courage we say YES to something we feel called to do. A rush of adrenalin sets in telling us we are on the right track. We dawn our cape, muster up the courage and step boldly into the arena ready to kick some ass and get the job done.

In my world, we refer to this as “courageous commitment.”

It’s that moment of invincibility when you see only what’s possible and are beautifully blind to the twists and turns that lie between you and the prize at the end of the journey. It’s the place where visions and goals are born.

But often, out of nowhere, circumstances test your resolve. Our inner critic comes a knocking and questions your ability stay the course. Situations outside your control arise that test your resolve or require more than you bargained for. When these things happen, we have two choices… we can press on or change course.

Have you ever felt that way?

If you are playing in the realm of entrepreneurship, moments when we question our commitments are a part of the package. Whether it comes in the form of a missed goal, a sense of nervousness before we take the stage or a slight panic attack, wondering if people will show up at our event, our resolve – our commitment – will always be tested.

For years, whenever I bumped up against a challenge or encountered more hurdles than I anticipated on my way to a goal, I would put my head down and keep on keeping on. If I tripped on my way to a goal, I would get up, dust myself off and continue to press on no matter what the cost.

Recently, however, I took a different path.

Just two weeks ago, on my way to a goal, I encountered more obstacles than I bargained for. Benchmarks were missed, engagement was off and in the end, we didn’t meet our baseline goal for the project. It was tough. It’s never fun when the vision you imagine dies on the vine before ever really blossoming. I was disappointed, not so much for me, but for those I had invited to be on the team for the project. But as I pondered what course to take, my inner knower whispered, “It’s not supposed to happen Jane. Let this one go and simply trust.” So the calls were made, the money was refunded and we laid the project to rest.

But where the story gets interesting is what happened after I pulled the plug.

Within 24 hours of cancelling the project, a fabulous new client showed up at my doorstep. Not just any new client, but one that possess all the things I crave. She is bright, accomplished, committed and eager to be coached. Then, within two days it got even more interesting. I attended an event where I engaged another client, reconnected with a long-time friend who invited me to play in a rapidly growing niche and met a tech genius with a well-funded start up I will now be helping to build. Then yesterday, I received an invitation to play a role in an international organization and was invited to speak in Ireland in June.

Like magic, as soon as I cut the heartstrings tethered to my failed project, a world of opportunity much juicer than the other, opened up to me.

Can you see what happened? Can you see how loosening my grip on the thing I thought I wanted, opened up space for things that God and the Universe were holding for me?

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because business doesn’t always go as planned. But that doesn’t mean we give up on planning.

Tomorrow, I am going ask you to take the first step of a four-step process I’ve been using for 29 years to birth and build successful businesses. We’ll begin with something I call the Rearview Mirror Exercise, designed to prepare you to craft a vision, pick your passion projects and bring into focus what you want to create in 2018. It’s a powerful process that, when embraced, is guaranteed to take you, your business and your income to the next level.

But here’s the problem.

Most people – especially right-brain, creative, entrepreneur types – don’t particularly like planning. To them, it smacks of too much structure, feels restrictive and rigid and generally conjures up the heebie-jeebies for many business owners.

But the truth is, planning isn’t so bad when you do it right. In fact, planning can be one of the most creative, rewarding, delicious endeavors you can embark upon for your business. But you need to allow space for it and open up to the possibility, adventure and magic it can hold.

I shared my story of the project-gone-bad to illustrate an important point. While you and I are going to create a plan for what you want to have happen in 2018, it’s not written in stone. Just because you put your stake in the ground doesn’t mean you can’t move it. In fact, the very reason we create a plan is so that when things change, and they will, you can make an informed, intuitive decision about what to do next.

So today, my friend, I’m inviting you to consider joining me on a journey during which we will craft a plan to fill your 2018 with rewarding work, fabulous clients, profitable projects and successful campaigns.  If you are like most, fear, self-doubt and worry will likely come along for the ride, but I promise we won’t let them drive. We’ll keep you in the driver’s seat, flanked by your values, your passions and a deep appreciation for how you are wired.

If you are in, awesome! Grab the Quick Start Planning Guide, then be on the lookout for my Day 3 email tomorrow morning. Until then, take just a moment today to sit in gratitude that you and I live in a time where our passions and gifts can be transformed into our livelihood. Because that my friend, is one of the greatest gifts of all.

If you feel inspired. I’d love to hear from you.

  • How did what I share land with you?
  • What’s your relationship to planning?
  • What are you feeling as we step into this purposeful planning process together?

Simply leave a comment below and let the journey begin!