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I’ve noticed a theme, in my client coaching sessions, that I sense is important for you to hear.

The bigger your vision, the more things need to get done and the more crucial it is to have a fantastic support team. A great team allows you to focus on your Zones of Genius – doing what you love and creating BIG results.

Thing is, most entrepreneurs have never been taught to build and lead a team – let alone do so virtually.

After selling our first business, where I had 22 employees, a two story building and a ton of Human Resource headaches and expenses, Mario and I swore to “Go Lean or Go Home,” from that point forward. So, suffice it to say that since that day, I’ve had to get really good at attracting, building and leading a virtual support team, and today I am blessed with an unstoppable team.

So, I thought I would share 5 of my “Top 10 Tips for Managing A Rock Star Virtual Team.” I hope it helps you take your next steps to having an unstoppable team. ;0)

Tip #1: Enroll them in a shared goal and meaningful mission.

The first thing that happens, when I decide to expand my team, is we update our Team Member Welcome Packet. In it, I describe our mission, our guiding principles, a bit about what inspires me and share with them the structure and primary initiatives for the coming year. I then use this to share with potential team members who we are, as a team and company.

Tip #2: Find out what matters to them.

If I’ve learned anything about team building, over the past 31 years, it’s that nobody will stay with you or bring their best game unless they feel that the work they are doing somehow contributes to the vision they are holding for their own life and work.

One of our motto’s is… The Individual’s Vision Always Trumps the Company’s Vision. And it’s worked! My current team members have been with me an average of 6 years.

Tip #3: Clearly define their R&Rs and what success looks like for them.

This is without question the most important element of managing a team and when missing, it will kill your team success.

Spelling out each team member’s roles and responsibilities provides a clear framework for training and managing, which builds their confidence. Clarifying what success looks like for each task sets them up to meet, or even exceed your expectations.

Tip #4: Make it legal.

This step doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you invest in having a basic Memo of Understanding written up by a legal professional.

From that point, they can be adjusted for different positions, collaborations and even vendor agreements. Don’t put yourself at risk! Have a Memo of Understanding for every team member – full time, part-time and vendors.

Tip #5: Be the leader you would want to work for.

This is the Mack Daddy tip that is behind you being able to execute on these first four tips, as well as the 5 additional tips I will be sharing next week.

Leadership is not natural to most of us. It’s a daily effort to stand in the qualities that great leaders exemplify and a willingness to hold yourself to a higher standard, not just for your own happiness, but because you know others are watching and following your lead.

It’s the gift of entrepreneurship, where every day provides an opportunity to be the best person and leader we possibly can. ;0)

One question I am asked quite often, is…

What is the very first step I take when bringing on a new team member? The answer is to send them a new team member packet.

As soon as I decide to extend an offer to someone, I share our Global Experts Accelerator New Team Member Packet with them. In this packet, I describe an overview of the company, so they have a deeper understanding of the company and team dynamics.

We have very high standards for those who join our team, and so should you! Because I strongly believe this… I am sharing our New Team Member Packet Template with you.

All you need to do is click here to request it. 

My hope is you will take this template and use it to design or enhance your team member packet, then share it with your current team, as well as any new team member that you bring on.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Much Love,


PS. I would love for you to share with me your biggest team management challenge. I just might have the perfect solution for you. Comment below or hop over to our Facebook Community to share.