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I’ve got good news and bad news…

The bad news is… the odds are stacked against you.

80% of small businesses fail in the first 3 years and of that 80%, 50% fail in the first year. If that’s not bad enough, of those who make it past the 5-year mark, another 80% will fail before year ten.

While poor management, lack of capital and ineffective marketing are often blamed, those are not the root cause of all this failure.

The real reason most businesses fail is the owner is ill-equipped to run their business successfully.

Nice people, with big dreams and good intentions, leap into entrepreneurship without a clue as to what it takes, and then scratch their head and wonder what happened. I’m on a mission to change that. ;0)

Now for the good news…

Equipping yourself to be the CEO you need to be, to turn your vision into reality, is within your power. But it’s not going to happen haphazardly.

Growing yourself as a CEO requires your deliberate, heart-filled effort.

To further my intent to grow you as a CEO, I want to gift you two tools that have been instrumental in my entrepreneurial journey.

Gift 1: My Seven Entrepreneurial Archetypes: Discover this fresh and inspiring approach to up-leveling your ability to lead and grow your business.

But that’s not enough.

Gift 2: To experience greater results in your business, you need to know how you are doing in each of these 7 areas. It’s why I designed this quick and easy self-assessment. In just 4 minutes, you’ll know where you are strong and which areas need the most attention.

Today, I use these tools with my private clients to help them tap into their CEO superpowers and master the 7 realms of business.

Why is this so important?

To avoid becoming a statistic and having to throw in the towel, you’ve got to know where you are before you can get to where you want to go. Not knowing where you are strong and where you are weak is the kiss of death and a surefire step to keep on getting what you’ve been getting.

When you know your strengthsyou can build upon them to your advantage. When you know your weaknessesyou can step up your game and find someone to fill in the holes. It’s that simple. But first you need to know.

Click here to take the Entrepreneurial Edge Assessment. Taking this simple step will give you the awareness you need to step up your game and take your business to the next level.