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Today’s blog was inspired by a client who recently closed multiple six figures in business – approximately one third of her entire 2017 sales.

When she came to me last year, she was exhausted, constantly on the road and feeling like a slave to her business. She loved what she did and her clients loved her, but she knew she had to find a way to bring in revenues without killing herself in the process.

What changed the game for this client?

She designed an online program she now sells in bulk to organizations, which brings in hefty chunks of revenue, while she continues to do what she loves. In short – she added Enterprise Sales to her biz growth strategy.

What is Enterprise Sales?

It is the bulk sale of your online programs to companies, associations, universities, school districts or franchisors, who want to create an organization-wide shift prompted by what you offer.

5 tips for tapping into enterprise sales:

  1. Start with your gateway course.
    • Start with a foundations course, introducing students to the fundamentals of your work. This allows you to cast the biggest net for the most sales.
  2. Produce great course content.
    • Powerful content is what delivers results, so get guidance on course design best practices before you begin laying out your module content.
  3. Create raving fan clients.
    • Your initial course launch impacts your long-term success, so launch with a group of highly invested clients, who are committed to take action all the way till the end.
  4. Hand select your dynamic dozen.
    • If enterprise sales is your long-term goal, select 6 dream companies who enroll two students each who eventually become champions of your work.
  5. Pick an eLearning platform that can grow with you.
    • The delivery platform you choose is as important as the content. Pick one with enterprise options such as white-labeling, bulk seat sales and custom group delivery.

How about you? Have you worked with companies, organizations, associations or schools?

If yes, we want to explore whether Enterprise Sales is the game-changer you’ve been looking for. ;0)

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