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First a question for you to ponder, as you read through this blog…

Who is really running your business… you or your inner critic?

With 7 business start-ups under my belt, and now, as I’m about to relaunch one of my existing businesses, I know first-hand how the inner critic can raise its ugly head whenever we go for a big, juicy and significant goal.

While the message ranges from a small whisper of doubt to defining self-criticism, the inner critic’s messages are typically born out of fear, doubt, worry, overwhelm or guilt.

The bad news is… from this place, it’s difficult to build your business. Making that important call, filming that video or planning your next launch can feel big and insurmountable.

The good news is… you can decide to quiet the inner critic and consciously create a shift to a more positive and empowered perspective.

First, recognize that the Inner Critic is not the keeper of the truth. She is simply an internal voice born out of dis-empowering beliefs and habitual patterns.

Second, trust that you have the power to quiet the Inner Critic through awareness, patience and practice!

5 steps to turn down the volume on the Inner Critic:

  1. Notice when the Inner Critic is present and what words she whispers to you.
  2. Get curious about what may have triggered her to show up.
  3. Interrupt the pattern by moving your body or simply saying “thank you, but no.”
  4. Counter the message with a new message that feels true for you.
  5. Feel good that you are learning to dance differently with your Inner Critic.

Tips for keeping the Inner Critic at bay:

  1. Notice when you compare yourself to others and shift your focus.
  2. Avoid labeling things good or bad by saying, “hmmm, isn’t that interesting?”
  3. Stop “shoulding” on yourself by coming from a place of choice.
  4. Notice old stories or patterns when things have actually changed.
  5. Call upon the Optimist to offer an encouraging thought.
  6. Look for things you are grateful for, large and small.
  7. Reach out for support from those you can trust.
  8. Change your state by moving your body in a way that feels good.

Because your Inner Critic has been active in your life since you were a child, it will take some practice to recognize when she shows up, re-frame its impact on how you think and feel and make a more empowered choice.

I’m curious… how is your Inner Critic impacting how you show up in your business? Share below, I would love to hear from you!