High-Ticket SalesIt was 1990 and we were three years into my first business – a direct selling company, that my husband and I had started with just $5000. We were selling a line of fashion jewelry through in-home parties and having a blast. My sales force consisted of me, Peggy Neilson and Nancy Desurpa, both of whom were selling for me part-time.

I knew that to achieve our dream of changing lives and having a multi-million-dollar company, I would need to get REALLY good at finding, engaging and recruiting hundreds of women to sell our line of jewelry.

However, I was not impressed with how recruiting was done in those days, and went on a quest to find a way to “enroll” others, in a way that was aligned with my personal values of service and contribution.

That was the birth of what I now refer to as the ethical enrollment process.

It enabled us to touch thousands of lives and grow that company to multi-millions, before selling it in 2000. I then taught that same process to tens of thousands of people and licensed my program into dozens of companies that are still using the same methodology today.

The ten tips below represent a blend of my time-tested enrollment process born back in the 90’s, and three innovative technology hacks that we’ve added to the mix and use with great success today.

Ten Tips for Tripling Your Closing Rate From One-on-One Enrollment Conversations

1. Don’t wing it

You’ve worked so hard to get that person on the call, don’t blow your chance of making the sales. Have a step-by-step process you can follow that honors the client, delivers value and is fun to conduct.

2. Put yourself in their shoes.

A powerful enrollment conversation (also referred to as a discovery call or a strategy session) requires that you understand the psychological and emotional journey prospects will take during the session. Knowing how to guide them through feelings of resistance, reluctance, vulnerability, defensiveness, sadness, frustration, hope, determination, and commitment makes for a more valuable and successful experience for both.

3. Create a multi-sensory experience.

With today’s technology and the advent of video conferencing tools like Zoom, it’s easy and free to meet with potential clients in a more personal way. In addition to seeing each other, you can also screen share during crucial stages of the conversation.

4. Pre-qualify the prospect.

Your time is precious and should only be given to those who meet three criteria:

1) they are open to looking at what’s not work and what may be holding them back,

2) they highly value the opportunity to talk with you, and

3) they are open to investing, should they find a next step that feels right.

Smart Biz Quiz enables you to create a personalized online quiz, so you can pre-qualify with ease.

5. Keep them engaged and stay on track.

It’s often difficult to keep prospects on track when they are sharing where they are on their path. To ensure you move through the process and stay on task, use a slide deck (Power Point or Key Note) that mirrors your step-by-step process. This tech hack is a key secret to our success and can make anyone a high-ticket enrollment master. 

6. Help them get clear about what they need.

If you are among those who have prospects complete a survey prior to coming to your session, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

While a survey tells you where they are on the path, it does not help the prospect gain more clarity about what they need. Instead, have potential clients rate where they are on a scale of 1 to 10 in each of the areas you can impact positive change, by completing an online quiz. Their quiz results then becomes a tool for discussing where they are on track, what’s not working, and what they are needing to move forward.

Create your quiz for free at https://www.smartbizquiz.com/free/.

7. Articulate your offer with ease.

Let’s face it, most people are visual and need to see something to truly understand what your offer includes.

We use a simple three-tiered offer one-sheet that clearly lists the components of your program coaching package or proposal. By crafting three levels of offers and pricing them appropriately, you will find yourself closing more of your higher end offer.

8. Put your coach’s hat on.

Gone are the days of overcoming objections with slick scripts and persuasion tactics. Today’s prospects are savvy and can sense manipulation and when someone is “in it for the close.”

To create a comfortable and loving environment that honors the clients and supports them in their decision making process, empower your clients to be resourceful and courageous, by coaching them through the obstacles they perceive.

9. Give them homework.

During the times when the conversation ends without a sale, but it’s clear that they want to say yes, provide a value-added assignment that aids them in working through their resistance. The intent is to honor their process and help them arrive at a decision, whether it’s a powerful YES or a powerful NO.

10. Honor the sacredness of the process.

Perhaps the greatest shift in one’s ability to master high-ticket enrollment is to honor what a privilege it is to walk with someone through a process of looking at where they are and seeing the cost of not creating a change.

When you come to each call with a love for the individual and a reverence for the process, you will create a space in which miracles can happen.

Are you sensing that mastering the art of enrollment is something you need to do next?

If yes, we’d like to invite you to a conversation to explore what that could look like for you.

Prior to connecting, it’s important that we both have a sense of where you are on track to mastering the art of enrollment and what missing pieces may be holding you back.

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Jane Deuber