17 questions my friend, Vision Craftingthat’s what I am offering you today.

17 questions designed to unearth your desires and shed a light on what you want 2019 to hold for you.

In keeping with my promise to openly share my own Best Year Yet journey, it may be helpful to know that the 2nd step in my Annual Planning process is powerful but it can also be a bit daunting. Not because answering the questions is difficult, but because you are not alone in this vision crafting process.

There is someone else along for the ride.

Whether you label it the Inner Critic, the Gremlin or the Saboteur, the very act of envisioning what’s possible for the coming year, awakens that small voice within us all. He may snicker when you write down your sales goal, roll his eyes when you decide you will launch a podcast or an online course, or gasp when you declare you’ll establish a key connection or achieve grand goal.

For me, this small voice has attitude. “Really?” It asks. “You’re going to go for that again?” “Haven’t you learned your lesson, Jane? It’s just not meant to happen!”

How about you?

When you have the courage to proclaim what you want to achieve in the coming year, what does your small voice say? If you are like most, it isn’t pretty and it’s not very nice.

So, what’s the answer? What can you do when this small voice shows up in the vision crafting process?

I suggest that rather than trying to squelch the small voice or push it aside, you get curious about what it has to tell you. Because the more you try to ignore the inner critic, the louder and louder it gets.

Having spent the last 31 years starting and growing 7 businesses, I’ve come to know the small voice within me quite well.

What I’ve learned is that its motive is simply to keep me safe. The warnings they whisper are meant to keep me from discomfort and spare me the pain and disappointment of a goal unmet.

In fact, my Inner Critic was alive and well just yesterday, as my team and I took on the same 17 questions I’m asking you to answer today.

It came in the form of a knot in my stomach and whispers of doubt.

  • “Do you really have the capacity to make that happen, Jane?”
  • “What makes you think the right people will show up?”
  • “What if you miss that goal… again?”

What’s my response? How do I shake the doubt and keep moving forward?

First… I accessed that other part of me who is totally kick-ass.

I called forth my inner Warrior.

She’s the part of me that enjoys taking risks, doesn’t care about what others think and is not afraid to fail.

I ask her to console the small part of me who is acting out of fear. I reminded myself that “she’s got my back.” Like my older granddaughter Ayliana, consoles her younger sister, I allow the “big me,” to be there for the “small me.”

Second… I reconnected to WHY I do the work I do.

When we feel a deep connection to the purpose of our work and the difference we are here to make, the bumps along the way to our vision seem less important.

Our resilience is strengthened and our capacity expands when we remind ourselves of our big WHY. 

Now it’s your turn!

It’s time to answer the 17 questions I’ve included in my Quick Start Guide To Planning Your Best Year Yet.

To help keep your Inner Critic at bay, here are a few things to keep in mind…

  1. Don’t over think it. Write down your initial gut answer.
  2. Don’t worry about the “how” right now, that will come later.
  3. This is simply a first pass. In step 3 you will use my 7 questions for conscious decision making to edit your answers.
  4. Imagine what’s possible when you bring your “best self” to the process.
  5. Picture in your mind the people you will serve and the difference you will make.
  6. When the Inner Critic shows up, remember you are capable of handling whatever arises.

Okay, my Warrior friend, you can do this.

No matter where you are on your journey, just starting out or a seasoned pro, this vision crafting process is an essential step to making 2019 your best year yet.

*If you have not grabbed my Quick Start Guide To Planning Your Best Year Yetyou can do that here.

You’ll notice that we give you the option of picking up the blog series wherever we are, or starting at the beginning. My recommendation is the latter. By looking to the past to inform your future you will be better equipped to create a vision and a plan to make these next 12 months, your best year yet.