Whats stopping youI have a friend, who we’ll call Wanda. She is one of the most beautiful, heart-centered women I know. For as long as I’ve known her, she has had an aching desire to impact meaningful change in the world.

Trouble is, no matter how hard she tried, she was never able to move the needle and make progress toward her vision. Not until she came to understand what was at the heart of her inertia and lack of success.

She discovered the little-known truth about entrepreneurship…

It’s all about mastering both the Inner Game and the Tactical Game.

When you have mastered the Inner Game, you are able to navigate the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions that can rise up when you are attempting something new, scary and outside our comfort zone.

When you have mastered the Tactical Game, you are working strategically with clarity about what you are creating and how you are going to get there.

Here’s what I’ve learned about growing a business…

All of us are confronted with what I call the Fab Five… fear, doubt, worry, overwhelm and guilt. These are a natural part of the exhilarating, heartbreaking, and evolutionary journey of entrepreneurship. The better we get at navigating these emotions, the more enjoyable the journey will be.

I am no different than you. I dance with each one on a daily basis. The difference, however, is that after 32 years at this entrepreneurial thing, I’ve gotten really good at recognizing when one shows up, acknowledging what’s at the heart of it and then pulling out a process from my “bag of tricks” to move through it. Then, I can get back to the business of kicking ass and taking one more step toward my vision. That’s the power of learning to master the inner game of entrepreneurship.

But the bad news is… it’s not enough. While I’ve often said that success in business is 80% inner game and 20% tactical game, the “Tactical Game” can still take you out just as much as your inner saboteur.

Here are 11 ways tactical game “missteps” can take you out of the entrepreneurial game or keep you from really kicking ass.

  1. Being wishy-washy about who you serve (target market clarity)
  2. Not owning and proclaiming the unique value you offer (differentiation)
  3. Playing small, when you really want to play big (mission and movement)
  4. Being indecisive about what you want your future business to look like (vision)
  5. Failing to define and articulate your client success path (your signature process)
  6. Not having a plan to get from where you are to where you want to be (strategic planning)
  7. Ambiguous, one-dimensional offers that are not properly priced (your packages)
  8. Using marketing language that fails to engage your ideal client (tribe building)
  9. Not getting out there because you’re not sure how to describe what you do (offer clarity)
  10. Starting your day without a clear sense of where to focus (time management)
  11. Letting your lack of clarity and confidence take you out of the game (resiliency)

Post below and share with me which one(s) do you think take you off your game the most, and where you feel the strongest.

Your first job is to start building your awareness around these things. Building the muscle of being present to what stops us and what moves us forward is a key element to creating a breakthrough in your business.

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