On Wednesday, I shared with my recommitment to my community and my two businesses.

Like many, as the Pandemic swept the globe I found myself feeling a bit confused and even complacent. Rather than fight it, I leaned in and used that time to slow down, hunker in and reflect on all that was unfolding. I deepened relationships, reflected on the last 3 decades and enjoyed taking my foot off the pedal.

But as the lockdown droned on into July, it became clear there is only so much “naval gazing” I can handle before going a little stir crazy. ;0) So, I cleared my calendar, got myself out in nature and took 5 powerful steps that brought me back to myself again.

I went from complacent to committed, bored to empowered and most importantly re-captured my excitement to grow our two businesses. (Whew!)

Based on dozens of conversations and the response to my Community Check-in survey, there is a good chance you also bumped up against a few (or perhaps many) feelings of confusion, worry or even hopelessness during these crazy months. Because I know how that feels, I’m sharing the 5 things I did to re-align with an exciting new vision and find my way back to myself, with the hope it may help you as well.

Step 1: I turned to resources and people I admire to remind me of what I already knew, but was not practicing.

First, I dove into Michael Hyatt’s book, The Vision Driven Leader. While I’ve been a student of his work for decades, I found this a poignant reminder of the power of a fresh and newly inspired vision. With each Chapter, I was able to see possibilities I hadn’t seen and let go of the resistance and self-doubt I had allowed to creep in. Another resource I leaned into is Esther Hicks. If you know her work through Abraham, you get it. If you don’t check her out. For me, it took me back to 1988 when I first discovered her work and began applying it to my life and business. I now move through my days with a deliberate intent to stay in flow.

Who do you turn to for inspiration when you are looking to unlock the next version of YOU?

Step 2: I reconnected to WHY I started my two companies to begin with and realigned with the difference I want to make.

Each business was founded with a clear intent to empower thought leaders to utilize powerful technology to grow their business – technologies we had developed to grow my own. Whether to deliver online programs or streamline the sales process, these tools are the best on the market. What I noticed is that I had become complacent with the business that was automatically coming in and had stopped sharing all they offered, with the passion I had in the early days. How did I reconnect with my why? I picked up the phone and spoke to our happy clients who reminded me of how powerful they are and what a difference they are making in their business. They “re-sold” me on my own products!

Who can you talk with to reconnect with the powerful difference you have made in the lives of your clients?

Step 3: I dialogued with Source

If you’ve been in my community for a while, you have heard me talk about a process I use to tap into an infinite energy that guides my life. Call it what you will, but I believe we all have access to a source of wisdom we can tap into for guidance, inspiration and a reminder of the powerful creator we are. When I forget to tap in, I tend to make things harder than they needs to be. I simply grab my journal, get quiet and write out questions I want answers to. I then write whatever comes to me. It’s a process called “active Imagination” that I learned from Tim Kelly that has served me for decades. It enables me to envision new possibilities and creative ideas to make them real.

Are you remembering to tap into that infinite Source of energy and wisdom that can help guide your life?

Step 4: I reached out to people I love, respect and trust.

One reason I was feeling disconnected to myself and my work is that I was missing the magic that happens when we feel aligned with others who share our values, our dreams and our desires. We are wired for connection and when we isolate too long or cut ourselves off from the outside world, we lose connection with that part of ourselves that expands and feels love when we are in meaningful communion with others.

As I reached out, I was careful to choose wisely. When I encountered someone who was in a vortex of fear, lack, anger or hopelessness, I gave them a big dose of love and encouragement and then swiftly moved on.

Step 5: I practiced extreme self-care.

As I reflected on my path since the Pandemic began, it was clear that I had fallen out of my usual daily routine of taking care of my body, mind and spirit. From meditating in the morning to drinking lots of water, there are little things we can do that have a huge impact. For me, it is a series of small, simple rituals that keep my energy up and my mood light and happy. Once I saw I had let go of something that is guaranteed to positively impact my life, I recommitted and got back on the wagon again. Tally Ho!

If you want to check out my Daily Rituals That Impact My Life, click the button below to download and create your own!

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I hope sharing my path back to passion and purpose helps you in some simple way. Whether you are already in your happy place or searching for ways to get there, I promise doing any one of these will move you closer to where you want to be.

I hope you will share which strategy you try or perhaps already do in the comments below.

Much Love!