In my Tuesday blog, I shared the words of wisdom my mom would bestow anytime I was feeling frustrated, disappointed or overwhelmed. A simple, yet powerful phrase that puts things in perspective, no matter what’s happening in my world. In that blog, I also posed the question to my readers… “While you are waiting for this to pass (ie. the pandemic), who do you want to be?”

What was interesting about those who responded is that there was a common thread… a shared intention for these weeks and perhaps months ahead.

“I want to use this time to better myself, to find a rhythm in my day, create order in my surroundings and gain clarity around what I want.”

So, as I pondered what I could offer you today, it occurred to me that order – both internal and external – is one of the gifts we give ourselves to reduce overwhelm, gain clarity and feel like we are in control of our lives.

So today, we are tackling one particular area that causes stress and overwhelm for so many… Inbox Overwhelm.

You know this is something that needs your attention when…

  • You have emails in your inbox simply because you don’t want to lose the information or forget to take action.
  • You use your inbox as a to do list.
  • You open your email and get a pit in your stomach seeing all that is screaming for your attention.
  • You feel like tagging them all and hitting the delete button – no matter the consequence.

You are not alone. About 5 years ago, this seemingly small annoyance slowly sabotaged my productivity and weighed heavy on my psyche. That’s when I took hold of the beast and now, on most days, I shut down for the day with less than 5 emails in my inbox.

Because I want this sense of peace and control for you, today’s Friday Freebie is an all-time favorite among my community. It’s my 20 Simple Strategies For Finding Freedom by Conquering Inbox Overwhelm. You can download them HERE.

The freedom my clients have discovered by getting control of their inbox is immeasurable…improved productivity, more effective follow through, and most important, a sense of ease and control.

Now this doesn’t happen overnight. Just like tackling a garage that has been neglected for years, you get to the end goal one step at a time. That’s why today’s gift is broken into 20 doable steps, each one requiring no more than 15 minutes. One success story was a client named Rachel, who went from 30,000 in her inbox to under 5 at the end of most days. She shared it was exhilarating beyond belief and has maintained her inbox best practices to this day.

How about you? Are you ready to be the victor rather than the victim of Inbox Overwhelm?

If yes, download my 20 Strategies today and set a little time aside this weekend to take a few first steps. But be warned… it’s addictive. As you watch the email count in the bottom left corner diminish, you’ll get that lovely dopamine hit that is so much healthier than scrolling social media. ;0)

When you commit to get your inbox under control and then maintain that sense of order, your reward is more time, less stress and that sweet sense of satisfaction as you design a life you love.

Happy clearing!