My journey with the art of selling has been an interesting one. Just one month into my first business in 1987, it became clear to me that if I did not figure this “sales thing” out, I was out of the entrepreneurial game. We were newlyweds, lived in a 3-bedroom apartment with my stepdaughter, who was 6 years at the time, and I was fresh out of graduate school. I had my MBA but was essentially clueless about what it really took to have a successful business.

Bills mounting, inventory arriving that I needed to figure out how to move… my first 3 years of that first business was a real-world education in the most important element of business success… revenue generation.

While the process was clumsy and scrapping in the beginning, I was able to refine the steps, hone the message and crack the code on how to inspire others to say yes to my offer. Fast forward 12 years and we sold that business, with 350 sales reps in 23 states and as they say… the rest is history.

Since then, I have had a fascination with the art and science of sales. I’ve looked at it through every lens (buyer and seller) and found a way of looking at it that feels comfortable for me and generates results.

I want that thought to land for you… I found a way to market and sell in a way that is aligned with my values, respectful of the potential client and incredibly successful.

What unfolded, over the prior decades with thousands of sales conversations and happy clients, is a simple blueprint that I want EVERY entrepreneur to have in their arsenal of tools. First, because it makes the art of selling less intimidating. Second, because it works – for even the most sales resistant of us all.

Below is what I will call an “introduction” to the three stages of how to attract, engage and enroll your ideal clients. It’s born out of a lot of trial and error, veracious in-the-trenches testing, and a whole lot of desire to serve.

When you get… I mean really get what needs to happen in each of these three stages, the world will open up to you.

You’ll understand that your job in marketing and sales is really quite simple…

  1. Let them see who you are and how you can help them;
  2. Discover who they are and what they need so you can truly provide value; and
  3. Invite them into a conversation that serves them AND gives them appropriate next steps that will get them to their goal.

This is the essence of sales.

It’s how we move people from curious to committed.

It’s the process reflected in the three stages below. I hope that it turns on a lightbulb that can forever change your business if you let it.

In a hurry or want a visual snapshot of the Sales Acceleration Blueprint? Click here to download an eagle’s eye view of how to create a system for consistent, qualified sales for years to come.

Phase 1: Attract Ideal Prospects Who Can’t Wait to Learn More

The reason you want to nail the attract phase is because it is the first step in a consciously designed courting and closing process. At the core of the “attract phase” is something called a lead magnet. These have a carefully designed calls to action, often pieces of content, (delivered in the form of a PDF or video) that represent key elements of your genius and expertise.

The Lead Magnet plays a key role in the Attract Phase because it provides prospects with an easy and convenient way to check out what it is you offer. Using compelling copy and a well-designed opt-in page, you invite others to raise their hand and discover something that’s of value to them that you have created.

The act of opting in to receive your lead magnet is the initial exchange of energy, whereby the prospect gives you something of value (their name and email), in return for a piece of content that has piqued their interest. It’s this initial exchange of energy that opens the prospect’s mind and heart to what you offer and initiates an obligation on your part, to be of service, by providing relevant value.

What’s important to note is that your lead magnets used in the Attract Phase are not only for building your list. They are also used, over the course of time, to keep people on your list engaged and open to working with you in some fashion. It’s an energetic “re-engagement” of those who have been on your list for some time.

The purpose of the Attract Phase is to…

  • Be seen as an authority in your niche
  • To deliver uncommon value that your ideal prospects appreciate and need
  • Create an easy way for people to get to know who you are
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Stand out and differentiate how you are different from others in your niche
  • Have a compelling reason for ideal prospect to provide you with their contact information
  • To begin the courting process and possibly find a fit for what you offer

Phase 2: Create Meaningful Connections with People on Your List

What I love most about this second phase in the Sales Acceleration Blueprint is that it’s here where the real magic begins to happen. In this phase, you seize the opportunity to create a real relationship with the person on the other end of the email. To do this, you need to commit to create an experience where the “lead” becomes a human to you and you begin to truly care at a deeper level.

In Phase 2 you strive to understand…

  • where they are on their path;
  • what challenges they are facing;
  • what fears they may be holding;
  • what dreams they have; and most importantly
  • what change they are seeking to make in their life.

How do we do this? We weave into each encounter, a genuine curiosity, a desire to truly serve, and a simple process for uncovering who they are.

This second phase of the Sales Acceleration Blueprint, engaging your ideal clients, is where we harness the magic of technology, some well-written copy and a high-commitment follow up process that creates a powerful experience for each new arrival to your list.

We do this with what we refer to as the New Lead Nurture Campaign. At the center of this campaign is a personalized, online assessment carefully designed to reveal to you and to the individual, where they are on track and what missing pieces may be holding them back. By assessing what each individual needs, you are able to give them relevant next steps that provide value, build your credibility, establishes trust and create a desire for more.

With this deeper understanding, you are able to move those who have a need for what you offer and are most likely to invest in one of three next steps, 1) a sales conversation, 2) an automated sales funnel or 3) a simple next step offer to buy.

The purpose of the Attract Phase is to…

  • Allow individuals to feel seen, heard and understood
  • Acknowledge where they are on their path
  • Assess their level of commitment to take action and invest
  • Push the information you gather into your CRM
  • Offer relevant “next steps” that are of great value to them
  • Shine a light on the missing pieces that are holding them back
  • Build trust and create a desire for more

Phase 3: Master the Art of Discovery Session Sales

In this phase, we have the opportunity to connect with those who meet three criteria…

  1. They are eager to understand what’s standing in the way of having what they desire.
  2. They are open to investing in getting support when they find the solution they are looking for.
  3. They highly value the opportunity to explore possibilities with someone they trust and respect.

For 30 years, I have been teaching the art and science of ethical enrollment. I refer to it as art, because when executed properly the enrollment conversation can be a profound and valuable experience for your prospect and a rewarding and profitable experience for you. I refer to it as a science because when executed properly, the enrollment conversation follows a flow that takes into account the dynamics of human nature and the psychology of commitment.

For this final and essential step in the Sales Acceleration Blueprint, we incorporate all of that in a simple, five-step process that has withstood the test of time. Each step has a distinct purpose, respectfully guiding the individual through a process of discovery, awareness, clarity and commitment.

The purpose of the Enroll Phase is to…

  • Invest your precious time with those who are highly committed
  • Provide an experience in which the prospect is deeply served
  • Discover whether they have a need you are able to meet
  • Navigate the natural process of discovery, awareness, clarity and commitment
  • Paint a picture of what’s possible
  • Clearly and concisely articulate how you can help
  • Help them move through their resistance to saying YES to your offer

So, there you have it. An eagle’s eye view of what heeds to happen in each of the three phases of a consciously designed “courting process” that takes them from curious to committed. Of course, there is much more beneath the surface, but this should serve you well for now.

Take this new awareness into your week. Be mindful of how you are showing up in each of these three phases and take steps… baby steps… to put the tools and process in place to nail each one.

There you have it! Click here to download a visual snapshot of the Sales Acceleration Blueprint.

One final, yet important note…

It will likely come as no surprise that the tool we use to enable you to master each of these three phases is a software solution we offer through my company Smart Biz Quiz. If you are already a client, using assessments in your marketing… fantastic! Keep finding new ways to put it to work. If you are NOT yet using our Smart Biz Quiz assessment software to enhance your results at each step of the sales process, what are you waiting for? Click here to activate your 14-day free trial. My team and I are standing by to help you master this essential element of your success.