The tricky thing about being an entrepreneur is that your success is driven by one key element… YOU.

The values you hold, the thoughts you think, the habits you cultivate, the mindset you maintain, and the actions you take – these are the things that determine your level of success.

It’s both a gift and a b!tch, all at once.

As I look back on these past 9 months, I’d give myself a B-. There were times I showed up powerfully and was the person I aspire to be. But there were also times I didn’t recognize myself – both personally and professionally. I could take myself off the hook by pointing to the Pandemic as an excuse, but that’s not taking responsibility, nor acknowledging that the only thing I have control over is ME. If these last 9 months have taught me anything, it is that how I show up in my life – how I respond to whatever is happening – is the greatest determinant of the quality of my life. The same holds true for you, my friend.

So, as we all prepare to step into the New Year with hopes of a reset and better things to come, there is value in pausing for a moment to conduct a “personal audit.” There is a gift in noticing how you’ve been showing up for yourself, for others and for your business.

What does a personal audit look like?

It’s really quite simple.

It’s something I’ve been doing for a number of years as I end one quarter and step into the next. For me, the process centers around a set of 12 principles that I deem essential to my happiness and success, as a leader in my life and business. They are different than the core values and principles we have defined as a company. These are my own talismans that guide me to be the leader I want to be.

They have evolved over the years and shape-shift each quarter but, at their core, they represent the qualities and principles I want to live by in my work and with my team. By sharing them and this process, it’s my hope that you will be inspired to do your own “personal audit”, as you step into the new year.

It’s three simple steps.

Step 1:

Looking back over this last year and moving through each of the principles you decide are important to you, list a few instances where you “lived” that quality in a really big way.

Step 2:

Looking back over this last year and moving through each of the principles, list a few times where you did not exemplify the principle and why you think that is.

Step 3:

Re-claim your ability to be in control of how you show up, interact, lead, and respond to whatever life brings you and explore why this is important to you.

For me, the times I didn’t show up as I wish I had, was because I had forgotten who I was, lost sight of my vision or disconnected from my “WHY”. It’s natural. It’s human. It means I’m up to something big and simply recalibrating my humanness along the way.

How about you?

  • Do you see the value of conducting a personal audit?
  • Can you see how awareness and setting clear and powerful intentions can alter the trajectory of your life and business?

If you see value in this process, go for it. And if you are inspired, share your takeaways with me. You can do that by sending me an email, posting a comment here, or texting me if you are in my world. I will hold your shares sacred, confidential, and magical.

Here are my 12 principles/qualities I am playing with these days:

Oh, by the way… please don’t judge or get tripped up on whether these are the ones you would choose. This list is fluid, ever-changing and 100% imperfect. Yours can be too. ;0)

12 Principles I Aspire To Embody

  1. Integrity – To keep my promises to myself and others and follow through on what I tell someone I will do
  2. Vision and Purpose – To hold a meaningful vision that is aligned with my values for myself and my team
  3. Empathy – To always put myself in the other person’s shoes and trust they are doing the best they can
  4. Communication – To use words that are mindful, kind, and clear in all interactions with others
  5. Decisiveness – To quickly and mindfully make decisions that allow the team to move forward and excel
  6. Empowerment – To strive to grow others, so they can be the best they can be and contribute to our shared vision
  7. Growth and Innovation – To always look for ways to grow personally and advance the company
  8. Acknowledgment – To honor the contribution of my team and ensure they feel valued and well-compensated
  9. Resilience – To weather whatever storm comes my way with grace and positivity
  10. Emotional Intelligence – To remember that my emotional state impacts the quality of my life and the energy of my team
  11. Humility – To be a student of life and others, so that I remain open to other perspectives and wisdom
  12. Transparency – To openly share my strengths and struggles and trust, that if I am living these principles, I will garner trust and respect

So, dear reader, I celebrate you as you take this time to be mindful about the year you just lived and the year you want to create for yourself in 2021. I am here to receive your intentions and… if you desire… to actually walk by your side to help it all unfold.

YOU are the key component to your success and what I know is that… you’ve got this!

Jane Deuber is a business strategist with 33 years and 7 successful start-ups to her credit and helped over 15,000 entrepreneurs experience greater fulfillment and improved profits through her programs and products. To learn how Jane and her team can help you expand your reach and increase profits, check out her two companies, Global Experts Accelerator and Smart Biz Quiz.