According to, when COVID 19 spread throughout the United States, 74.4% of small businesses were negatively impacted, feeling devastated by the mighty blow of a global shut down.

But here’s what interesting…

2020 was actually our best year in the history of our business. I had stepped in as CEO for a private client who happened to have a product that the world was looking for while in lock down.

After growing his business by 900%, I decided to step down from my role, and hand over the keys to his capable team on December 31, 2020.

Now able to turn my attention back to my own businesses, I stepped into 2021 feeling excited and optimistic about the idea of re-launching our assessment company with my son, Alex.

And then… it happened. I hit a wall.

Even though I have been down the “start-up” path 7 times before over the course of 35 years, I had conveniently forgotten what it really takes to get a new business off the ground.

I think that’s common. Once we move passed the start-up stage, we forget the uncertainty, the long hours and the leaps of faith that it took to turn our idea into a reality.   We forget what it means to put yourself out there, risk rejection and dust yourself off when what you try doesn’t work.

For me, 2021 and still 2022, have been a lot about remembering what it really takes to launch a business and make it a huge success. I’m experiencing all over again, the courage it takes to stay in the game and keep my eye on the vision, even when I don’t feel inspired.

How about you? Have you felt discouraged, disappointed or even depressed at any point over the past 2 years?

I know I have. There have been days where the self-doubt and uncertainty felt so real, that I simply checked out. Thankfully, there have also been days where I pull myself back up and remind myself WHY this matters to me and why I want to keep going.

Here’s why it’s all worth it to me…

  • I want the team (even more than Mario and I), to experience the financial windfall that I know is at the end of this path.
  • I want to have a transformative impact on the lives and businesses of those we get to serve.
  • I want to give my son, Alex, an opportunity to learn about himself and business, while experiencing first hand what’s required to grow a business.
  • I want to do work I love, that is aligned with my purpose and makes me feel like I am doing good in the world.
  • Because I trust that if we do the work, keep taking steps and are willing to step outside our comfort zone, it will happen.

That’s why the ups and downs, the challenging days and the moments of doubt are worth it to me.

The Universe (or God) rewards the courageous, the committed and those willing to remain in the game.

When I have those moments when I need a dose of inspiration and insight, I turn to these wise words from Brene Brown. Maybe they will be useful for you. ;0)

“When we spend our lives waiting until we’re perfect or bulletproof before we walk into the arena, we ultimately sacrifice relationships and opportunities that may not be recoverable. We squander our precious time, and we turn our backs on our gifts – those unique contributions that only we can make,”

As you and I take steps to turn an idea into a business and a business into our livelihood, let’s keep our eye on WHY the journey is worth it.

Let’s be kind to ourselves when we feel paralyzed, discouraged or confused. Because when we do… when we tap into the courage and willingness to put ourselves out there one more time, it really will be worth it.