Following is a “tweaked” entry in my journal, nearly 1 year ago. I had taken my foot off the gas pedal and was kind of coasting with our two tech companies after 35 years of building businesses and a year of Pandemic Insanity.

What prompted the entry was a conversation with my son Alex, who came to us with a desire to “re-imagine” and “re-launch” our assessment software company, Magpai. I knew the magnitude of what was ahead and so I took to my journal to explore if I was up for the challenge and ready to put myself out there again.

My journaling practice has evolved over time, but what remains consistent is the practice of posing powerful questions to myself. I then let the answers to flow freely, often uncovering truths I wouldn’t otherwise find.

Question #1: Jane, are you really up for the work this is going to take?

Yes, I am because this truly matters to me. Here’s why…

This tool makes a difference in the lives of our clients. The market more effectively, engage more meaningfully and sell with a greater sense of ease and purpose.

I haven’t even scratched the surface of possibility because I’ve been playing small and allowing the company to grow on its own. Imagine what would happen if I put my all into it.

This is our chance to give Alex an amazing opportunity to get a front row seat of what it takes to launch a company. He will get his MBA in business by being in the trenches.

I want my team to benefit financially for all the work they’ve done and the belief in the product that has never wavered.

And then I wrote one last thing…

This matters to me because, although I am 61, I am not done yet. I have more to teach, more to give, and more to empower. I know the impact this tool has on one’s ability to live their purpose and be profitable doing so. I want that for more people.

Question #2: OK, Good. Then, what might stop you, Jane?

What might stop me is listening to my inner Saboteur – that small voice that reminds me of past failings and questions whether I have what it takes to do this… again.

What might stop me is my fear of putting myself out there again, risking being judged.

What might stop me is my fear of failing – not just in front of the world – but in front of my son.

What might me is not being the person – the leader – that I will need to be.

Question #3: Got it… how will you move through these doubts and concerns, Jane?

First, I will remember who I am and how many times I have done this before.

Second, I will re-read my answers above to Question #1: ;0)

My journal entry ends here. It’s tagged with a Post- It-Note, so I can return to it whenever I am feeling tired, vulnerable and ready to throw in the towel.

How about you, dear reader?

When you have the courage to proclaim what you want, what holds you back or makes you play small? If you are like most, it’s that small voice inside that echoes self-doubt and the fear of failing, that keeps you from pressing on.

So today, I’d like to invite you to try something new. The next time you feel stuck or event paralyzed, to put yourself out there, take to your journal and get curious about what is true for you.

In the answers you will often find what truly matters and that becomes the fuel to hit the reset button, remember who you are and take the next step toward what you want. ;0)

Having spent 36 years starting and growing businesses, I’ve come to know fear and self-doubt well.

What I’ve learned is that this inner voice’s motive is simply to keep me safe. Their warnings are meant to keep me from discomfort and spare me the pain of disappointment or even failure.

But I am more than my fears and self-doubt. I am a manifesting warrior who has been down this road many times and has loads of evidence that I can do this again.

So can you, my friend, so can you.

“Our resilience is strengthened, and our capacity expands when we remind ourselves of our big WHY. ”

Okay, my Warrior friend, now it’s your turn!

No matter where you are on your journey, just starting out or a seasoned pro, use this inquiry to take to your journal and remember WHY what you are up to really matters. You feel inspired and you just might kick some ass today. ;0)

Much Love,




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