Have you ever started your week, looked at your schedule and had an instant feeling of overwhelm? Are your days filled with appointments and putting out fires to the point you never get to the truly important stuff?

If yes, you are not alone. Most entrepreneurs list time and productivity as one of their top 5 challenges as well as their top 5 intentions for improvement.

But… the question is, how do we take control of our time when there are so many people, projects and priorities pulling at you at every moment. The answer isn’t sexy, but it is essential… the answer is STRUCTURE.

My Daily Jump Start

No matter what day of the week it is or what I’ve got planned, I have found that the first hour of the day sets the tone for the rest. That’s why, before we take a peek at the rhythm of my week, I want to share my morning practice that has helped keep me grounded and in flow since 2009, when I first discovered its power.

While my morning practice ebbs and flows, it always includes a combination of the following…

Getting quiet and centered. I have a space in my home that I’ve designed for this purpose. I use the Calm app breath guide and the Daily Trip (meditation) to call in a sense of calm and gratitude.

Reflecting through journaling. There is power in allowing your thoughts, gratitude, curiosity, and concerns flow through you and onto paper.

Taking in something meaningful and uplifting. Whether it’s a poem, a piece of scripture, a book or music, I like transitioning into my day with something that inspires me.

Movement. This may be a walk, a bit of yoga or a full out exercise session. If I don’t get this in before noon, I find I just don’t do it.

Only after my morning ritual, do I dive into my day of emails, to dos and priority projects.

Jane’s Week-At-A Glance

Monday Theme: Planning, Project Planning and Content Creation.

  • Check on our progress toward our monthly goals to stay focused on our priorities.
  • Check our project management tool for the priority projects and check in on my team’s focus.
  • Review and respond to each team member’s Weekly Recap summarizing their wins and focus for the coming week.
  • Update my Weekly Manifestation List where I track immediate To Dos and team member focus.
  • Look over my coaching and collaboration calls for the week to see where I need to prepare.
  • Meet with key team members to clarify priorities for the week.
  • Write content for our weekly emails and newsletters.
  • Meet with Mario to review month-to-date revenues and accounts payable.

Monday Theme: Planning, Project Planning and Content Creation.

  • I start with 1 to 2 hours on priority projects, whatever they may be.
  • I meet with my Executive Assistant at 8:30 meeting to map out the day’s events.
  • I devote the next few hours to more Priority projects before meeting with clients no earlier than 1:00 PT.
  • Follow up and email clean up before I end my day, which is typically 3:30 or 4:00.

Fridays are my “free day” where I keep it light, unstructured, and short. While sometimes I play catch-up, it’s typically a day where I connect with collaborative partners, colleagues, and friends.

Does every week look like this? Hell no! When we hit an unexpected bump in the road or have to pivot our strategy based on results, my time and attention flow toward where I am needed. But, having an intention of how my week will unfold, gives me a compass for getting back into flow.

How about you? Have you woven structure into your week to help you remain on track and feeling in control of your time, your life, and your business?

Consider this… we all have 24 hours in a day and how we use that time determines the quality of our life. How much we earn, the impact we have with our work and the sense of joy we experience on a daily basis is all driven by the choices we make around what gets our precious time and attention.

So, this week, why not try a little time-blocking? Start with 2 half days you devote to like tasks or a project and see how you feel. You never know, you may just find it to be the missing element to your inner peace and greater productivity. ;0)

Have an awesome week!




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