While many business owners hit the pause button to do “vision work” at the beginning of a year, I’ve been using Vision Crafting for the past 37 years just as much as a mood-altering hack as I do a business growth strategy.

For some, the process of writing a vision can feel daunting, I’ve created a process for myself and my clients that makes “Vision Crafting” a meaningful, profound and transformational experience. If that’s something you are needing right now, let’s dive in!

In my view, vision is a purpose-driven expression of what you want your future to hold.

It encompasses elements of what you stand for, expresses your beliefs and aligns with the core values that impact how you show up in the world.  Vision gives you a sense of purpose, points you in the right direction and inspires you to take daily, courageous action to bring the vision into fruition.

Your vision…

Engages your heart, mind and spirit, in the process of creating a great life
Helps you see the smaller steps and projects that will get you to where you want to be
Inspires you to move past the fear and take courageous actions that lead to bigger wins
Gives your everyday life more significance, meaning and fun

If you could use a little of any of these, here are some next steps…

This Vision Crafting process is something I’ve used for three decades to create a life I absolutely love and businesses that have fueled our dreams. From a 37-year marriage to my soul mate, a dream home in Pebble Beach, California, close family bonds and a career designed around my purpose and gifts, I attribute this vision process to enabling me to create a life I love.

While there is a deeper exploration of all six steps of my vision crafting process, I’m sharing here a few suggestions that will set the stage for a profound experience.

Make room in your life to go on a Vision Quest.

Create space in your life where you can be uninterrupted. How much time you give yourself is up to you. I typically spend about three hours for my first pass and then expand on it over a week’s time. I prefer to put myself in an inspiring environment, that creates a sense of possibility and abundance. My favorite spot for vision work is The Restless Sea, here in Pebble Beach. The crashing waves and the smell of the ocean air soothes my soul and ignites my sense of possibility.

Where will you go for your vision quest? A cozy spot in your home? A chair by a window or warm fire? Wherever it is, add beautiful music, a candle, a cup of tea or glass of wine, to surround yourself with comfort and beauty.

Open up to your three-dimensional vision.

Your vision is not just a list of things you want to accomplish. At its best, your vision encompasses all aspects of your being and all areas of your life. You want to ask yourself what you want to do, have and be over the year ahead and lean into how you want to feel, on the way to that vision.

To tap into this three-dimensional vision, many clients have found it helpful to refer to a Life Wheel I designed many years ago that divides your life into four quadrants and 8 elements. Click here to download and print my Life Wheel and begin to imagine what you would like to manifest in the four realms that make up a meaningful life… Personal, Professional, Physical and Relational.

Describe what you will be celebrating one year from now.

There is something magical about standing in your future self, as if you have already created all you’re your heart desires.

So, at this stage of the Vision Crafting process, you will describe, in detail, how your life looks and feels one year from now, as if it’s already come to reality. You can let it flow organically, or move through each of the 8 elements on the Life Wheel one at a time. What game-changing projects did you complete? What relationships did you build? What success are you celebrating? How have you grown?

By “acting as if” your desires have already come to fruition, you are calling into your existence the very people, circumstances and opportunities to make it a reality. And that, my friend, is the start of the journey to making 2018 your best year yet.

One quick request… as you craft your vision for the life and business you are deliberately creating, consider finding special people in your life with whom you can share. When we share with those who are also up to big things and who will champion our dreams, we create a collective energy that moves both of you along.

I have the pleasure of doing just this with my long-time friend of nearly 20 years, Caterina Rando. We’ve committed to a 6-week journey of support and accountability to take our visions and our plan to the next level.

Whether it’s a friend, a sibling or a coach you hire to support you on your journey, the Vision Crafting process is more meaningful, much more fun and a lot more successful when we invite other change agents along for the ride.

If you are committed to crafting a new vision and want a plan to get there, please share your story. Whether me or a coach I know and trust, I can support you in finding someone who can walk with you along the way. Email JaneD@Janedeuber.com and we’ll explore next steps together.

Happy Vision Crafting!


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