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The Leveraged Continuum

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Recently, I have been having conversations on what is means to be leveraged – the yearning for more freedom, impact, ease and money.

This prompted me to create the 2.0 version of my 9 Tenets of a Leveraged Business, a super cool tool for determining where you are on your path to more freedom and leveraged income.  I call it the Leverage Continuum.

What’s in it for you? Awareness. Honesty. Truth. Inspiration.

Because leverage is the key to what I believe you are wanting… […]

How To Weather The Storm In Your Business

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As humans, we are going to become sick, have to be there for loved ones and hit rough patches that throw us off our game and take us out of our business.  The problem is, most businesses can’t weather the storm. When life happens, too often the sales dry up, projects come to a screeching halt, and the momentum you worked so hard to create is lost.

So how can you weather whatever life throws you and keep the money flowing and the clients happy?

The answer… Leverage.

“Without leverage, you don’t have a business, you have a JOB.”

Since 1990, I’ve been fascinated with how to create leverage in our businesses. That was the year my dad visited our California home, where Mario and I operated our business at the time. After two days of witnessing us working like dogs, he pulled me aside and gave me my first lesson in leverage.


How To Get Your Groove Back After You’ve Been Off Your Game

magic-wand1Calling on the Magician

Have you ever felt a little “off” but not really sure why?

There’s a part of me that’s been a little dormant lately – a part I took so much for granted that I never even claimed it. This part, I’ve found, is actually missing from any archetype model – not because it’s not important, but because it was on autopilot – always on – always in action.

We’ll call this part of me – this archetype… the Magician.

Meeting the Magician

I can appreciate the Magician today in a way I hadn’t been able to appreciate her in the past. Her never-ending drive to get the job done, her masterful way of manifesting a goal or end vision. These are just two of the traits of the Magician.

The Magician gets the job done – without angst, worry, fear or doubt.

The Magician is the part of us who can let go of perfection, yet still do their best to hold on to the end vision without stressing about how it will come about.

The Magician writes with a quick mind, returns phone calls at lightning speed and can easily discern between the tasks that are a waste of her time and those that will rapidly move her toward her goal. […]

Your Business Vision – The Key to Your Best Year Yet


Lucy sets Charlie Brown straight on the meaning of life…

‘Charlie Brown, life is like a deck chair on a cruise ship. Passengers open up these canvas deck chairs so they can sit in the sun. Some people place their chairs facing the rear of the ship so they can see where they’ve been. Other people face their chairs forward – they want to see where they’re going. On the cruise ship of life, which way is your deck chair facing?’

Replies Charlie, ‘I’ve never been able to get one unfolded.’

While I’m not real fond of cruises, I am definitely one to face my deck chair in the direction I’m headed. It’s not that I don’t look to the past – I simply do it just long enough to learn from what went well and get clear on what I want to change.  Herein lies the importance of our Year-End Vision Crafting Ritual. […]

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A Year-End Ritual For A Breakthrough Year


Each December, my team and I set aside time to run through our year-end ritual to prepare ourselves for another kick ass year.  It includes a smattering of reflection, celebration and getting clear about what went well and what can change. Not only does this give us special super-powers for the coming year, it also super charges our efficiency and effectiveness as a team, not to mention how it infuses us with a sense of clarity, excitement and commitment that catapults us into the New Year.

How about you? Do you have a year-end-ritual for reflection and celebration? Without it, you can’t move on to Step 2 where we create a clear compelling vision for your best year yet.

I’ve discovered that for every hour we spend getting clear on our vision and creating a plan, we save about 5 hours in execution due to our ability to take action and make decisions with confidence. We also enjoy the ease of stepping into a New Year feeling excited and committed to bring the vision into reality. […]

Activate Your Productivity Mojo – Part 1

overwhelm1YOU are up to something big and significant – the manifestation of your dream business. However, the act of growing any business is not for the faint of heart. It requires you to “call forth” the best version of yourself into every moment of every day so you can enroll the client, complete the project, create the alliance and empower your team – all before noon in some cases. ;0)

Here on day four of my quest to reach 7 figures in half the time I typically spend, I’m doing pretty well, having clocked 20 hours in 3 days. It’s involved saying no, giving less than 100% to tasks and a tough assessment of where we’re investing our time. I’ve also slept more, spent more time outdoors and had some really cool moments with my son, Alex. So overall, it’s been great.  But… the To Do list is growing exponentially and if I don’t continue to shift how I’m working, I’m going to find myself knee deep in missed deadlines and guilt.

So today I’m leaning into some wisdom I share in Module 3 of my course Six Steps to Sustainable Success. […]

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The Power in Saying No

downIt’s day 3 of my yearlong quest to reach the million mark with half the effort and to be honest – I’ve been stretched to set boundaries in ways that have me really uncomfortable. For example, today I’m saying no to an opportunity anyone would give their right arm to have. It’s big, significant, filled with possibility and involves people I like. But, if we’re going to reach our goal of 7 figures in half the time, I can no longer say YES to great opportunities – I have to say yes to “unquestionable” opportunities.

As entrepreneurs our most valuable asset is time – mostly because it’s the only resource we can’t buy more of. Sure, we can build a team which is kind of like buying time, but in the end, the thing most precious to us are the minutes, hours and days and how we spend them. […]

6 Ways to Earn More and Work Less

monetize1If you read yesterday’s blog you know that on July 7th I embarked on a 12 month experiment I’m calling Seven Figures in Seven Hours.

You see, my team and I are going for our fiscal year goal of 1 million in revenues. Now that may not seem too earth shattering given that I’ve got a few businesses and a small support team. But there are two elements that make this challenge juicy and exciting for us. First, seven figures represents a doubling of our sales over last year. Last October we launched a new business called Value Quiz. As we gave the “new baby” time and attention, sales naturally slowed in other areas, so reaching the 1 million mark will require us to stretch.  But there’s another caveat to the challenge… I’m committing to work a maximum of 35 a week to make this happen – one half of what I’ve been clocking in an average week.

What prompted this experiment was an “aha moment” that came while reading a book by Ariana Huffington, called “Thrive”. […]

Seven Figures in Seven Hours – Can It Be Done?


I’m playing around with an idea – one that excites me and challenges me all at the same time, which by the way, is a very good sign.

This morning I spent some time with a book I love by Ariana Huffington, called “Thrive.” In it she pulls back the curtain on our work-obsessed culture that’s threatening not just the health of our society, but our vary souls. At first, I was reading as an outsider, as most of her references are of those in the corporate world. Then it dawned on me, hmmm… these scenarios aren’t so different from my own experience. The long hours, the sense of overwhelm and the desire to achieve – these all ring true for me as well. And what about the hours I was putting in for the sake of building our businesses? How much was I REALLY working? I pride myself on daily walks to the beach or a hike in the forest, but what does the rest of my day look like? My curiosity was piqued. […]

How “Foreplay” Can Improve Your Virtual Course Experience

If you are a coach, consultant, trainer or speaker who is delivering our life-changing content on line, I’ve got some important questions about HOW you are delivering your content.

» Are you so excited to give clients what you know they need that you rush to the how and skip over the all-important why?

» Are you so sure of what your client needs that you fail to gather the information that could infuse your programs with insight, revelation and mind-blowing intimacy – even in a virtual environment?

» Are you so anxious to deliver your message that you skip past creating a shared understanding so clients have a sense of safety, clarity and excitement? […]