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Day 24: The Art of Conscious Conversion

Welcome to day 24 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

salesI’ve been questioning lately, what it really means for a company to commit to a mission. Not just on paper or in a business plan, but to live and breathe it. What I discovered is a mission (at least ours) is born out of pure desire which fueled the fire when we first began.

My company, Value Quiz, was born out of my desire to create meaningful connections with the people on my list – ensuring they felt seen, understood and inspired to take courageous action and address what’s holding them back.

It’s something we refer to in our world as Conscious Conversion and it requires you are 1) totally present to the emotional experience your prospect is having, 2) 100% committed to helping them find the right solution to their challenges and 3) completely unattached to whether or not they say YES.

But how can we be unattached when there is so much riding on getting a yes? […]

Day 23: Conscious Collaboration

Welcome to day 23 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

BrainYesterday I did something that many would call “crazy.” I spent 2 hours training the staff of a company that could be considered my competition. In two value packed hours, I shared insights, which have taken us over 9 years to understand, about how to excel in the area of virtual course delivery and offered advice on pitfalls to avoid and opportunities to leverage.

Why would I offer up some of our best “intellectual know-how” to someone who plays in the same sandbox as we do? Because of something I call “conscious collaboration.” I live from a belief that one can never really “own” an idea and being generous with information that will move the industry forward, in the end comes back to me in a Karmic loop of goodness and contribution. […]

Day 22: Finding One’s Place Amidst the Competition

Welcome to day 22 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

22It’s been an interesting few days for me. As we prepare to re-brand my company that builds online learning academies for thought leaders, I tasked myself with a “Sherlock Holmes” type assignment to take a close look at other companies that also play in the virtual training space.  I know that to solidify our place in this niche, we must better understand the landscape in which we play.

In the past, a close look at the marketplace (no matter which industry) often conjured up feelings of inadequacy or sense I wasn’t measuring up. If you’ve ever done the same you know it’s not fun and can dampen your enthusiasm or slow your forward movement. But this time around, it felt different.  At first, their websites seemed cooler, their messaging spot on, and their testimonials seemed to point to the places we need to improve. […]

Day 21: Complacency – The Silent Profit Killer (Part 1)

Welcome to day 21 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

BoredomOne of the biggest risks that established business owners face is… complacency. You get comfortable with “the way things are” and fall into a false sense of security believing the revenues will keep on flowing in if you just keep doing what you are doing.

Not so! In today’s ever-changing economy, the only thing that is constant is change. As a business owner, you need to be constantly evolving and looking for the next enhancement that will strengthen your sales message, out-shine the competition and enable you to deliver mind-blowing results to your clients.

Since I’ve been at this entrepreneurial game for 28 years, you’d think this is part of my DNA. Again… not so!  I’m just as susceptible to complacency as anyone. In fact, I’ve noticed it happened with one of my companies, the Virtual Training Academy. […]

Day 20: The Art of the “Bounce Back”

Welcome to day 20 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

imbackIn yesterday’s blog I shared with you my experience of the inevitable disappointments that come with growing a business. My intent was to not only process the feelings for myself, but to also show you that no matter how long you’ve been at this game, sh*t still happens.

I also wanted to model for you the practice of allowing the feelings to come rather than mindlessly moving to the “next thing.” What was interesting was the emails I received from those who were concerned. The common thread was a genuine curiosity about how I was moving through it.

So today I’m writing about the “Art of the Bounce Back” and how these four simple steps enabled me to return to my center again. […]

Day 19: Dealing With Disappointment

Welcome to day 19 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

Perseverance1Funny thing about having your own business… it requires that you put yourself out there, extend lots of offers, and invite people to play in your sandbox. This process of extending invitations, by its very nature, sets you up for being ignored, rejected and disappointed. Yikes!

Today I am sitting with a number of disappointments that rolled in these past few days like the waves on the beaches here in Pebble Beach. One was a flat out NO, another a NOT YET and a third we lost to a competitor. While the missed revenues are not fun, it’s a bigger sense of sadness and frustration I am sitting with right now.

The NO: I feel sad that as a result of us not being able to inspire a YES, their clients in turn, will not have the opportunity to experience a greater understanding of where they are and why things aren’t working for them. […]

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Day 18: The Inner Game of Creating Revenues

Welcome to day 18 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

18Yesterday a new addition to my database sent me this email… “Jane, I am appreciating your daily blogs and enjoy hearing how you navigate the inner workings of growing a business. But what I really need are strategies for creating revenues!
My sales are down even though I am working a lot and I can’t seem to keep an admin for the life of me. I offer strategy sessions but not many are taking me up on it. Help I need to create sales!”

I get it! When sales are slow and cash flow is tight, it’s easy to think that the answer is “another sales producing strategy.” But the truth is, that may be only part of the problem. So often I see small business owners on the hamster wheel – staying busy, trying one strategy after another, but not really getting any traction. […]

Day 17: Living With The Drift

Welcome to day 17 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

JaneSince I blogged about the “Daily Rituals that Keep me Sane and Successful” a few days ago, I’ve received a number of inquiries from clients, friends and strangers. “Do you really do ALL that every day?”

It’s a valid question and whether born out of skepticism or admiration, I want to set the record straight… NO! In the five plus years I’ve been using the Daily Rituals document, I can’t remember one day when I did it every item on the list.

There have been weeks and even months when the boxes remained unchecked. Not because I didn’t do ANY of the items that day, but because I didn’t feel like checking them off. Those stretches of time are what I lovingly call “the drift.”

If you have ever tried to meditate you’re familiar with “the drift.” You take your seat with pure intention, put your attention on your breath, go inward and attempt to let go of the thoughts that race through your mind. […]

Day 16: Daily Rituals for Success and Sanity

Welcome to day 16 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

checklist1BTW… don’t miss the free download of my “Daily Ritual Tracking Form” near the end of this blog!

There is a phenomenon I don’t fully understand, but has proven itself to be true time and time again over my 28 years in business. It’s that the success of my business, the flow of sales, the caliber of new clients and our bottom line success correlates directly to the extent to which I lean into my Daily Ritual for a Well-lived Life.

When I am eating right, giving time to my morning practice, exercising daily and taking time to go inward and connect with people I love, I show up differently in my business.  I am more creative in how we meet goals or tackle challenges. I am more willing step outside my comfort zone and make a game-changing phone call that produces big results. […]

Day 15: Dancing With Doubt

Welcome to day 15 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

Dancing1Do you ever doubt yourself? Before or after making a decision, do you question the choice you’ve made, the facts you relied on or second guess your intuitive hit? If you have, join the party.

In my 28 years of growing businesses, I experience doubt on a regular basis. I’ve come to see it as a natural part of growing a business and an emotion that brings with it an opportunity to strengthen one’s resiliency.

But lately, it seems I’ve been “dancing with doubt” in a new way. As my businesses grow and the decisions have greater long-term consequences, the possibility of making wrong decisions increases. […]

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