7 12, 2018

Vision Crafting With Your Manifesting Warrior

2018-12-28T12:12:22-07:00December 7th, 2018|2018 Best Year Yet Series, Business Planning, Business Vision|3 Comments

17 questions my friend, Vision Craftingthat’s what I am offering you today.

17 questions designed to unearth your desires and shed a light on what you want 2019 to hold for you.

In keeping with my promise to openly share my own Best Year Yet journey, it may be […]

6 12, 2018

Creating Intentions and Defining Your Non-Negotiables

2018-12-28T12:12:22-07:00December 6th, 2018|2018 Best Year Yet Series, Business Planning, Business Vision|3 Comments

Setting IntentionsHave you ever set an intention to have something happen and then, BAMM, it shows up immediately?

The moment you proclaim what you want, freaky stuff starts to happen in the form of a Universal “thumbs up” telling you that you are moving in the right direction.

So, today […]

5 12, 2018

My Year of “Less”

2018-12-28T12:12:22-07:00December 5th, 2018|2018 Best Year Yet Series, Business Planning, Business Vision|3 Comments

Business PlanningYesterday I shared Step 1 in my planning process… so my question to you is… did you complete the Rearview Mirror Exercise that I pointed you to yesterday?

If yes, here’s a virtual high five.

If not, now’s your chance. Hit the pause button, take a breath and […]

23 10, 2018

Ten Tips for Tripling Your Closing Rate From One-on-One Enrollment Conversations

2018-12-28T12:12:23-07:00October 23rd, 2018|Conscious Business, Sales, Smart Biz Quiz, Technology|0 Comments

High-Ticket SalesIt was 1990 and we were three years into my first business – a direct selling company, that my husband and I had started with just $5000. We were selling a line of fashion jewelry through in-home parties and having a blast. My sales […]

28 08, 2018

Helping You Create More Leverage

2018-12-28T12:12:23-07:00August 28th, 2018|Business Growth, Business Strategy, Virtual Content|0 Comments

During my recent 2-month sabbatical, I did a lot of reflecting on what I want my life and businesses to stand for over these next 5 years. Despite morning journaling, conversations with friends and my own vision quest process, I simply could not see clearly what I […]

23 08, 2018

Your Dream Team

2018-12-28T12:12:23-07:00August 23rd, 2018|Business Growth, Business Vision, Leadership, Vision|0 Comments

Today we are diving into Lesson 3 in the Lucrative Leverage training series, and that is to work smarter, not harder, by growing your Dream Team.

If you missed Lesson 1 or Lesson 2 in the Lucrative Leverage video training series, be sure to watch those before you dive into Lesson 3.

These trainings have […]