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Conscious Business Planning

Business PlanningAs we continue with Day 6 of our Best Year Yet Blog series, I’m hoping you are experiencing an opening of your heart and mind to what’s possible for you and your business, in the coming year.

This Freedom Planning process is something I’ve used for 30

Vision Crafting With Your Manifesting Warrior

17 questions my friend, Vision Craftingthat’s what I am offering you today.

17 questions designed to unearth your desires and shed a light on what you want 2019 to hold for you.

In keeping with my promise to openly share my own Best Year Yet journey, it may be

Creating Intentions and Defining Your Non-Negotiables

Setting IntentionsHave you ever set an intention to have something happen and then, BAMM, it shows up immediately?

The moment you proclaim what you want, freaky stuff starts to happen in the form of a Universal “thumbs up” telling you that you are moving in the right direction.

So, today