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A Message Meant For You

letting_go____by_senyanToday marks the final day of the Big Finish Challenge and I am feeling grateful to have had you with us. Whether you read the blogs and shared your experiences or watched from a distance and took what you needed in silence, I appreciate you being along for the ride. Having you with me and John called us both to a higher level of awareness and accountability and for that, we are grateful.

As I often do on a Monday morning, today I ended my morning practice with an inquiry. At the top of a page in my journal I wrote the question… “What do you want me to know?” It’s a simple open-ended question that I often pose to God as a way of tapping into a greater source of wisdom and knowing. […]

October 31st, 2016|Big Finish Challenge, Business Planning, Vision|2 Comments

The Secret To Humanizing Your Selling Experience

raining-moneySo far this week we’ve invited you to take an honest look at your relationship to selling. We do this because it’s your unspoken fear, discomfort, frustration or even disdain for selling, that is actually keeping you from stepping out, playing big and creating the sales you want.

It’s this invitation for you to explore what’s holding you back in sales, that has conjured up memories of a time (just three years ago) when I had to take a hard look at where we were with our own sales process. Our year-long mastermind offered an impressive 6 months to 6 figures path, clients were making huge strides and I loved providing the one thing every entrepreneur needs to succeed… one-on-one consulting. But despite all this, the sales weren’t rocking – at least not at the rate we wanted. […]

How To Fall In Love With “Selling”

in-loveGiven the positive feedback we received on John’s beautiful blog, I thought I would stay on this vein and continue to explore what might be holding you back from being the sales rock star I know you can be. After all, one promise of the Big Finish Challenge was to unearth what may be holding you back in business and create a new relationship to it so it loses its limiting power over you.

So here we go…

As I sat with John’s invitation to take an honest look at the fears we hold around “marketing and sales,” I was reminded of another fear that grips nearly every entrepreneur I’ve worked with. It’s actually the same fear I’ve danced with in each of my 7 businesses as I navigated the early stages of growth. […]

Do You Suffer from F.O.B.B?

baby-feetFew things come out fully formed. You didn’t. I didn’t. Habits, ideas, butterflies, skills, homes, pebbles, frogs, businesses, relationships… all these things take time. In order to reach a state of “perfection,” they need time to interact with the causes and conditions of the world around them.

In fact, it can be argued that all things are in a continual state of process, a process of becoming (or a process of going). And on some very real level, we understand this. […]

Activate Your Inner Sales Rock Star

boy-successAs we round the corner toward our last week of the Big Finish Challenge I am reflecting on the journey thus far. In week 1, we had you pick a significant goal you want to achieve by year end. In week 2, we had you lean into the power of planning and get clear about what you needed to do to achieve your Big Finish goal. In week 3, we equipped you with my seven entrepreneurial archetypes and asked you to step powerfully into your genius over a period of seven days. It’s been a blast and John and I have loved having you along for the ride. […]

Who do you need to be to get to where you want to go?

QuoteHey, you. You know that I know about you?

I know you’re up to big shit and you’re creating important things. I know this is true because you’re in this challenge reading this blog.

Now, the bigness you’re up to and the things you’re building might be important only to you… or they might be destined to have an impact on a larger community. But small or large, personal or shared, groundbreaking or conventional, if it’s in your heart, if it’s coming through you, then it’s significant and necessary. […]

Truth Telling – The Key To A Business Breakthrough

seek-truthIt’s early Thursday morning and you are on my mind, dear Big Finish friend.

I was greeted this morning by a handful of emails, texts and private messages from some of you who wanted to share how this challenge is impacting you. You are making new discoveries, letting go of limiting beliefs, adopting new rituals, being more productive and it seems… feeling better about yourself and how you are showing up in life and business. That makes me (and John) smile. 🙂 […]

Six Steps To Six Figures – It’s a Strategy Game!

Green Business StrategyI received an email yesterday from one of our Big Finish participants that stopped me in my tracks.

Not only was I struck by his willingness to be honest about where he is with his business, he had also stumbled upon something I think many of you may be feeling as you take steps to turn your vision for these next 90 days into a plan you can execute.

Here’s an excerpt from what he shared… […]

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We’ve already seen major breakthrough’s with our #BigFinishChallenge, but we know that for some it’s a challenge on so many levels. You know our heart’s desire is to help you all so we came up with a fun way to provide one lucky challenger with personalized support from not one, but both of us!


Out of Your Head and Onto Paper


“Get it out of my head and onto paper.”

“Get it out of my head and onto paper.”

“Get it out of my head and onto paper.”

I like to think about stuff. I like the act of reflecting, I like to mull things over, pondering a move or an action before taking it has always worked well for me. […]