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Your Secret Weapon… A Morning Practice

What if you had a morning practice that, in just 30 minutes, did all this…

  • Reduce stress, tension, and anxiety
  • Heal bouts of depression
  • Increase feelings of peacefulness, calmness, and relaxation
  • Boost your creativity
  • Increase your energy
  • Increase a sense of happiness and well-being
  • Strengthen relationships

The Missing Piece to Higher Enrollment

Simple, authentic selling – it’s what’s working!

Gone are the days of complicated processes, unnatural scripts, and manipulative closing tactics. What today’s conscious consumers want is a low-pressure conversation that helps them get clear on what they need, helps them define next steps and

Seven Tips for Building Great Team


What if you could fast forward your entrepreneurial journey three decades from now and look back at your team-building successes and failures to course correct right now?

That’s the purpose of this blog.

While there are easily many more tips than I am able to share

Business is hard…but it’s worth it.

According to, when COVID 19 spread throughout the United States, 74.4% of small businesses were negatively impacted, feeling devastated by the mighty blow of a global shut down.

But here’s what interesting…

Give Your Time To The Highly Committed

Your clients are calling for a change.  No matter what niche you play in or how you market your products and services, clients show the demand for change with reduced open rates and declining conversion.  Through this, they are telling us that it’s time to change the way

Say NO To Those Who Aren’t a Fit

In 2009, while working with my life coach, John Dulworth, I learned a powerful lesson that has served me for over a decade. It was to design a business that allows me to live a life of my own making, by mastering the art of a “Powerful

Master The Art of Listening

One of the most powerful ways to enhance your ability to sell with ease and success is to master the art of listening. When you learn to truly listen in any sales conversation, you lay the foundation of trust and rapport, uncover buyer needs, and help the

The Three Stages of Successful Selling

My journey with the art of selling has been an interesting one. Just one month into my first business in 1987, it became clear to me that if I did not figure this “sales thing” out, I was out of the entrepreneurial game. We were newlyweds,