This breaks my heart…

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Yesterday, I had a session with a new consulting client. To respect her privacy, we’ll call her Beth. She’s bright, ambitious, positive and open to do whatever it’s going to take to get her business to the next level. I love that in a client.

Unfortunately, her story is all too common and I’m wondering if you can relate.

Beth stepped into entrepreneurship with a big dream. She’s spent the last 3 years investing in programs, attending events and hiring business coaches to get the traction she needs, to have the impact and earn the money she envisioned when she started. But that hasn’t happened. […]

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Who do you need to be to get to where you want to go?

QuoteHey, you. You know that I know about you?

I know you’re up to big shit and you’re creating important things. I know this is true because you’re in this challenge reading this blog.

Now, the bigness you’re up to and the things you’re building might be important only to you… or they might be destined to have an impact on a larger community. But small or large, personal or shared, groundbreaking or conventional, if it’s in your heart, if it’s coming through you, then it’s significant and necessary. […]

Day 17 – Design The Program You Could Never Find

Envelope in handsOne of the fastest paths to getting clear about what you do want is to, first, get really clear about what you don’t want. While the Law of Contrast applies to all areas of your life, today I want to share how it inspired me to design a high-end coaching mastermind that represents the program I wanted, but could never find.

Since hiring my first coach in 1987, when we started our first business, Mario and I have invested nearly a half million dollars in education and private coaching.  Some coaches I worked with for years, others just a few months. Some had a well thought-out plan, others made it up as they went. Some delivered on their promise, others fell far short. Some modeled integrity, others modeled what I vowed to never do. […]

Coaching Skills Benefit All Aspects of Life

Coaching skills profit all aspects of your life. Whether you want to increase sales, build a team or engage someone in a compelling vision, one skill set enables us to show up more powerfully, and that’s coaching. Applying coaching skills creates deeper connections with others, makes people feel valued and heard, and gives others the space to be resourceful and empowered. In business, you can take these skills into your marketing efforts, sales conversations, team building and, of course, client relationships. But these skills also can prove crucial in other aspects of your life. […]

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