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How to Stay out of Overwhelm when Creating Your Annual Business Plan

Business PlanningI promised my community that I would give a behind the scenes look as I usher you through my Annual Planning Process, so here goes…

Yesterday I hit a wall. An emotional wall, that is.

It was prompted by our weekly team gathering, during which I would share […]

Ten Tips for Tripling Your Closing Rate From One-on-One Enrollment Conversations

High-Ticket SalesIt was 1990 and we were three years into my first business – a direct selling company, that my husband and I had started with just $5000. We were selling a line of fashion jewelry through in-home parties and having a blast. My sales force consisted of me, Peggy Neilson and Nancy Desurpa, both of whom were selling for me part-time.

I knew that to achieve our dream of changing lives and having a multi-million-dollar company, I would need to get REALLY good at finding, engaging and recruiting hundreds of women to sell our line of jewelry.

However, I was not impressed with how recruiting was done in those days, and went on a quest to find a way to “enroll” others, in a way that was aligned with my personal values of service and contribution. […]

Seven Realms of Business Success

Read Time: 4 minutes

Stripped Down and Simplified

One of my favorite things to do for entrepreneurs is to simplify the art of business success. I mean really strip it down to models and checklists, that eliminate overwhelm and make it easier to stay […]

The Leveraged Continuum

Read Time: 2 minutes

Recently, I have been having conversations on what is means to be leveraged – the yearning for more freedom, impact, ease and money.

This prompted me to create the 2.0 version of my 9 Tenets of a Leveraged Business, a super cool tool for determining where you are on your path to more freedom and leveraged income.  I call it the Leverage Continuum.

What’s in it for you? Awareness. Honesty. Truth. Inspiration.

Because leverage is the key to what I believe you are wanting… […]

How To Weather The Storm In Your Business

Read Time: 5 minutes

As humans, we are going to become sick, have to be there for loved ones and hit rough patches that throw us off our game and take us out of our business.  The problem is, most businesses can’t weather the storm. When life happens, too often the sales dry up, projects come to a screeching halt, and the momentum you worked so hard to create is lost.

So how can you weather whatever life throws you and keep the money flowing and the clients happy?

The answer… Leverage.

“Without leverage, you don’t have a business, you have a JOB.”

Since 1990, I’ve been fascinated with how to create leverage in our businesses. That was the year my dad visited our California home, where Mario and I operated our business at the time. After two days of witnessing us working like dogs, he pulled me aside and gave me my first lesson in leverage.


Making Room For More

Read Time: 8 minutes

Commitment is an interesting thing, don’t you think?

In a moment of passion, clarity, confidence and courage we say YES to something we feel called to do. A rush of adrenalin sets in telling us we are on the right track. We dawn our cape, muster up the courage and step boldly into the arena ready to kick some ass and get the job done.

In my world, we refer to this as “courageous commitment.”

It’s that moment of invincibility when you see only what’s possible and are beautifully blind to the twists and turns that lie between you and the prize at the end of the journey. It’s the place where visions and goals are born. […]

The Power of Truth Telling

Read Time: 6 minutes

This morning, I journaled around what I could offer you as I wrap up this 2-week series. Just as soon as I wrote the question on the page, the answer immediately emerged… give them the gift of awareness.


Awareness, is one of my favorite things to talk about with entrepreneurs. That’s because when you are “aware” of where you are on your path and how you are showing up, you become a better business owner. You make better decisions, you are inspired to take action and take on any challenge with a greater sense of confidence. […]

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The Secret To Humanizing Your Selling Experience

raining-moneySo far this week we’ve invited you to take an honest look at your relationship to selling. We do this because it’s your unspoken fear, discomfort, frustration or even disdain for selling, that is actually keeping you from stepping out, playing big and creating the sales you want.

It’s this invitation for you to explore what’s holding you back in sales, that has conjured up memories of a time (just three years ago) when I had to take a hard look at where we were with our own sales process. Our year-long mastermind offered an impressive 6 months to 6 figures path, clients were making huge strides and I loved providing the one thing every entrepreneur needs to succeed… one-on-one consulting. But despite all this, the sales weren’t rocking – at least not at the rate we wanted. […]

Truth Telling – The Key To A Business Breakthrough

seek-truthIt’s early Thursday morning and you are on my mind, dear Big Finish friend.

I was greeted this morning by a handful of emails, texts and private messages from some of you who wanted to share how this challenge is impacting you. You are making new discoveries, letting go of limiting beliefs, adopting new rituals, being more productive and it seems… feeling better about yourself and how you are showing up in life and business. That makes me (and John) smile. 🙂 […]

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We’ve already seen major breakthrough’s with our #BigFinishChallenge, but we know that for some it’s a challenge on so many levels. You know our heart’s desire is to help you all so we came up with a fun way to provide one lucky challenger with personalized support from not one, but both of us!