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5 Ways To NOT Overwhelm Your eLearning Clients

baby-cryingMoving from the one-to-one model into offering larger group training’s is the only way to increase your income
without working yourself to death.  However, most experts in the personal development space who want to make this leap either don’t know where to begin or they’ve taken the leap but are not seeing the levels of engagement they want.  To make the leap into group programs successful, you must incorporate the four essential elements of profitable group programs. […]

A Seven Day Series on How to Create Courses Clients Crave

Heart on Beach

Have you heard the news? The sale of educational programs online is at an all-time high. In 2015 alone, sales of online programs exceeded the $100 billion mark and this year it continues to rise.

How about you? Are you getting a piece of that $100 billion market with a virtual course of your own?

If not, you are missing a huge opportunity to scale your business, reach more people and create a windfall of recurring revenues.  When designed correctly, your virtual course can be offered as a Do-It-Yourself course or become the epicenter of a high end coaching or mastermind program, which you can scale and leverage.

BUT there’s a problem. There’s a “Dirty Little Secret” behind these impressive statistics and it’s something you need to know. […]

Why It’s Time To Take Your Content Virtual

globehand1Let’s face it… delivering content through physical or simple downloadable means is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  As a coach, trainer, speaker or author you need to understand why.

First, most clients are not completing the programs they buy from us. When they don’t complete they not only miss the opportunity to experience the results we promise, they leave feeling more discouraged than when they came having one more investment they haven’t really used.

Second, the world is going digital – especially personal growth content. This shift in consumer expectations requires that we deliver our programs in a way that is convenient, compelling and inspires completion and implementation.

Third, the world is “going green’. The less excess packaging your product represents the more your customer will respect you and respond to your offer as a green learning alternative. […]

Day 25: Six Tips for Taking Your Content Virtual

Welcome to day 25 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane.”

CashHaving launched 15 virtual courses of my own and helped nearly 75 clients do the same with our online delivery platform, I’ve learned quite a bit about delivering content online.  One thing remains true – there is a science to creating transformational programs that keep students engaged and experiencing the transformation you promise. Here are few tips to either assess what you’ve already created or get you started on the path to virtual profits.

1. Give Them Your Best – Your first E-Learning Platform should be based on your most popular program – your signature content upon which your brand is built. […]

Day 7: Website Shame and My Big Gulp Moment

Welcome to Day 7 of “30 Days Behind the Curtain with Jane”

shameBAs a business coach, it’s my job to help clients get clear and tell the truth about where they are, what’s working and what’s holding them back. This sort of “truth telling” enables us to get clear about what needs to change to produce better results. It’s powerful, always leads to significant shifts and can be uncomfortable at times.

I also feel I must hold myself to a higher standard and strive to “model” for others how I believe business should be done. So imagine my discomfort, realizing I had been avoiding this “truth telling” process for one of my own businesses, the Virtual Training Academy.

Mind you, the Virtual Training Academy has been growing steadily. We have a constant stream of perfect clients for whom we have built dozens of online academies. […]