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Defining Your Client Success Path

My email on Tuesday sparked a ton of responses – people loving the idea of taking a sabbatical like I did, but feeling they don’t have the freedom to step away from their business without serious negative repercussions.

I get it. It’s no fun feeling trapped in a business model where everything depends upon you.

In the […]

My Brain, Your Business

Read Time: 3 minutes

A few quick question for you to ponder…

  • Are you are sitting on a gold mine of a business, but need help turning the vision into reality?
  • Can you see the vision, but not 100% sure of the path that will take you there?
  • Do you think it would be cool to have not just my brain, but my entire team’s brain, on your business to accelerate your success?


Making Room For More

Read Time: 8 minutes

Commitment is an interesting thing, don’t you think?

In a moment of passion, clarity, confidence and courage we say YES to something we feel called to do. A rush of adrenalin sets in telling us we are on the right track. We dawn our cape, muster up the courage and step boldly into the arena ready to kick some ass and get the job done.

In my world, we refer to this as “courageous commitment.”

It’s that moment of invincibility when you see only what’s possible and are beautifully blind to the twists and turns that lie between you and the prize at the end of the journey. It’s the place where visions and goals are born. […]

How To Be a Kick-Ass Entrepreneur

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Yesterday, I was on a call with a client in my Mastermind. She is stepping into a really big week preparing for the launch of the online program my team built for her. She was feeling nervous and overwhelmed by it all, so our conversation drifted to who she needs to be this week to navigate the items on her to do list and stay in her positive, happy place.

Then, she asked this question, Jane, how the hell do you get so much done and stay so calm?”

Pharmaceuticals, I responded. (No… just kidding!)

Her question was one I hear a lot, not just from clients but from friends who are also in the entrepreneurial space. Because “getting stuff done” is one of the tenants of running your business, I thought I would share one of my secret hacks that enables me to get more done with a sense of peace and confidence. […]

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Daily Method of Manifestation

Read Time: 7 minutes

In my email to my list yesterday, I got real and shared that without a clear, compelling, written vision of where you want your business to be one year from now, you’re pretty much screwed. That’s because to navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and make smart decisions along the way, you’ve got to have a compelling vision that tells you where you are headed and inspires you to do the things that must be done to get there. In other words, you need to know your WHY.

Well, today we are moving on to my next “stealth move” for being kick-ass in business.

Once you know WHAT you want your business to look like one year from now, the next question you need to ask is “Who do I need to be to turn that vision into a reality?”

No matter what goal you’ve set, what projects you need to implement, or what milestones you need to reach along the way, the single determinant as to whether you will get there is YOU. […]

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Entrepreneurial Mojo

Read Time: 9 minutes

Following is the email Jane sent to her list that inspired the Business Acceleration Series.

It’s been a while since I’ve written…

Not because I haven’t been thinking about you and the others on my list, but because I’ve been down for the count, thanks to a chronic case of asthma that took me out of commission for four weeks.

I considered writing about the multiple trips to the ER, the sense of not being able to breathe and how my asthma was my body’s way of manifesting a way for me to slow down and disconnect from the world.

But instead, I want to share the part of my story I feel will serve you – how I went from feeling out of touch and completely unmotivated to getting back in my groove and feeling inspired to do the work I am here to do.

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How To Fall In Love With “Selling”

in-loveGiven the positive feedback we received on John’s beautiful blog, I thought I would stay on this vein and continue to explore what might be holding you back from being the sales rock star I know you can be. After all, one promise of the Big Finish Challenge was to unearth what may be holding you back in business and create a new relationship to it so it loses its limiting power over you.

So here we go…

As I sat with John’s invitation to take an honest look at the fears we hold around “marketing and sales,” I was reminded of another fear that grips nearly every entrepreneur I’ve worked with. It’s actually the same fear I’ve danced with in each of my 7 businesses as I navigated the early stages of growth. […]

Do You Suffer from F.O.B.B?

baby-feetFew things come out fully formed. You didn’t. I didn’t. Habits, ideas, butterflies, skills, homes, pebbles, frogs, businesses, relationships… all these things take time. In order to reach a state of “perfection,” they need time to interact with the causes and conditions of the world around them.

In fact, it can be argued that all things are in a continual state of process, a process of becoming (or a process of going). And on some very real level, we understand this. […]

What Comes Up When You Go For Something Big?

It’s Day 3 of the Big Finish Challenge.

Morning PracticeI was up early this morning and settled into my morning practice. Two feelings were present. First, I’m grateful for the energy surrounding this challenge. You are an amazing group of positive people up to important things. Second, I appreciate that in taking you all on this journey, I am being called to walk my talk as well. That’s always a good thing. ;0)

I’ve used the vision crafting process since we started our first business in 1987 and am always blown away at the power of this process.  The practice of putting on paper, what you want to manifest in your life, is not only bad-ass, it also makes the likelihood of achieving it more likely. At the same time this process can conjure up some pretty interesting inner game stuff.


Small Self, Big Self: How to Access Your Own Wisdom and Clarity

ladybug_and_chameleon_by_vladstudioHonesty. Transparency. Vulnerability.

These are noble attributes in a person. For most of us, we strive to live our lives according to them. At least we say we do. But to be honest, transparent and vulnerable…I mean truly honest, transparent and vulnerable – first with ourselves and then with others – is complicated. To be so can feel like a huge risk. In very real ways it can feel downright life threatening.

Why the heck is that? Why is it sometimes so damn hard to be open and honest about where we find ourselves in a particular moment or in our lives in general? […]