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This to shall pass

“This too shall pass, sweetie.”

These are the words my mom would say whenever life would throw me a curveball.

Whether a huge disappointment or a little upset, her words reminded me that whatever I was experiencing or feeling in the moment was a temporary blip on the landscape

5 Things I Did To Re-Ignite My Passion and Purpose

On Wednesday, I shared with my recommitment to my community and my two businesses.

Like many, as the Pandemic swept the globe I found myself feeling a bit confused and even complacent. Rather than fight it, I leaned in and used that time to slow

True Confessions

True ConfessionsIt’s early here in Pebble Beach. It’s still dark outside, the candles are lit and I just completed my morning practice.

What I wanted to say to you is while we may not have met personally, or it may have been a long

Defining Your Client Success Path

My email on Tuesday sparked a ton of responses – people loving the idea of taking a sabbatical like I did, but feeling they don’t have the freedom to step away from their business without serious negative repercussions.

I get it. It’s no fun feeling trapped in a business model where everything depends upon you.

In the

My Brain, Your Business

Read Time: 3 minutes

A few quick question for you to ponder…

  • Are you are sitting on a gold mine of a business, but need help turning the vision into reality?
  • Can you see the

Making Room For More

Read Time: 8 minutes

Commitment is an interesting thing, don’t you think?

In a moment of passion, clarity, confidence and courage we say YES to something we feel called to do.

Entrepreneurial Mojo

Read Time: 9 minutes

Following is the email Jane sent to her list that inspired the Business Acceleration Series.

It’s been a while since I’ve written…

Not because I haven’t been thinking about you and the others on my list, but because I’ve been down