How to Stay out of Overwhelm when Creating Your Annual Business Plan

Business PlanningI promised my community that I would give a behind the scenes look as I usher you through my Annual Planning Process, so here goes…

Yesterday I hit a wall. An emotional wall, that is.

It was prompted by our weekly team gathering, during which I would share […]

15 Steps To A Sacred Sabbatical

Recently, I had an opportunity to do something I’ve wanted to do for years. I unplugged from all three of my businesses and stepped off the grid for 10 weeks.  No social media, no emails to my list and no meetings, networking or events. I woke without […]

This breaks my heart…

Read Time: 7 minutes

Yesterday, I had a session with a new consulting client. To respect her privacy, we’ll call her Beth. She’s bright, ambitious, positive and open to do whatever it’s going to take to get her business to the next level. I love that in a client.

Unfortunately, her story is all too common and I’m wondering if you can relate.

Beth stepped into entrepreneurship with a big dream. She’s spent the last 3 years investing in programs, attending events and hiring business coaches to get the traction she needs, to have the impact and earn the money she envisioned when she started. But that hasn’t happened. […]

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The Aftermath of Vulnerability

Read Time: 6 minutes

Something interesting happened after bearing my soul to my community last week.

People sent warm wishes, shared their own private struggles and, in general, reacted with deep compassion and kindness. It was remarkable.

So this morning, I reflected on why my email struck such a chord with those on my list.

I came up with is that we are all so tired of bullshit emails filling up our inboxes, that when one comes along that feels honest and offers real value, we feel a sense of hope – even relief. […]

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Do You Suffer from F.O.B.B?

baby-feetFew things come out fully formed. You didn’t. I didn’t. Habits, ideas, butterflies, skills, homes, pebbles, frogs, businesses, relationships… all these things take time. In order to reach a state of “perfection,” they need time to interact with the causes and conditions of the world around them.

In fact, it can be argued that all things are in a continual state of process, a process of becoming (or a process of going). And on some very real level, we understand this. […]

Six Steps To Six Figures – It’s a Strategy Game!

Green Business StrategyI received an email yesterday from one of our Big Finish participants that stopped me in my tracks.

Not only was I struck by his willingness to be honest about where he is with his business, he had also stumbled upon something I think many of you may be feeling as you take steps to turn your vision for these next 90 days into a plan you can execute.

Here’s an excerpt from what he shared… […]

Out of Your Head and Onto Paper


“Get it out of my head and onto paper.”

“Get it out of my head and onto paper.”

“Get it out of my head and onto paper.”

I like to think about stuff. I like the act of reflecting, I like to mull things over, pondering a move or an action before taking it has always worked well for me. […]

Move Your Vision Into a Plan

Spiritual_EnergyCongratulations Big Finishers! In your first week of the challenge, we called upon you to write out your vision for the next 90 days. We explored the inner game dance between Big self and Little self, and I shared my time-tested, Vision Scanning Exercise for turning your vision into a plan.  Now it’s time to accelerate your progress by harnessing the power of planning.

Don’t go A-wall on me now that I mentioned the “P” word. If there is one thing I’ve learned from growing seven businesses over these past 30 years, is that while having a clear, compelling vision is essential to our success, nothing will ever come from it unless we chart a path to make it happen. […]

Turn Your Vision Into A Plan

whats-your-planThe really cool thing about a vision is that it takes us to a place of possibility. With a clear, compelling, written vision for where we want to be at a certain time in the future, we can more easily chart our course on how to get there.

But how do you do that? How do you take a “right brain” expression of what your heart desires and turn it into an actionable plan that keeps you focused and on track toward your goals?

Call me a Strategy Geek if you’d like but this, my friend, is an element of business that I absolutely love. Planning gives you power – plain and simple – so today I’m giving you the process I’ve used to build seven businesses, over the last 30 years. You with me? […]

What Comes Up When You Go For Something Big?

It’s Day 3 of the Big Finish Challenge.

Morning PracticeI was up early this morning and settled into my morning practice. Two feelings were present. First, I’m grateful for the energy surrounding this challenge. You are an amazing group of positive people up to important things. Second, I appreciate that in taking you all on this journey, I am being called to walk my talk as well. That’s always a good thing. ;0)

I’ve used the vision crafting process since we started our first business in 1987 and am always blown away at the power of this process.  The practice of putting on paper, what you want to manifest in your life, is not only bad-ass, it also makes the likelihood of achieving it more likely. At the same time this process can conjure up some pretty interesting inner game stuff.